Ericsson Demonstrates First Standards Based SIM-card Logon for WLAN

Ericsson Demonstrates First Standards Based SIM-card Logon for WLAN


Showing the way to make Public WLAN (WiFi) as easy to use as a mobile phone, Ericsson today successfully demonstrated the first standards based solution that allows users a single sign-on for both GSM and Public WLAN.

At the WLAN Event in London, a WLAN-enabled laptop was authenticated (identified) by a GSM network, using the same simple procedure that is used when a regular GSM mobile call is made.

The SIM-card is the standard identification module used in all GSM-handsets. Until now, only proprietary solutions for WLAN logon have been available, effectively curtailing market take off. With Ericsson`s solution, building on 3GPP standards, equipment from all vendors will be interoperable, and users can be assured that their equipment will work wherever they go.

Combining Public WLAN with mobile systems brings the best of two worlds to the users; higher speed connection at Hotspots and true mobility through nation-wide GSM coverage. Easy logon and one bill for both WLAN and mobile use are attractive features for the users. Mobile operators will also benefit from reusing all customer-handling systems when adding WLAN to their services portfolio. Ericsson believes that these elements together will create a compelling business case for mobile operators and make Public WLAN a commercial success.

The logon solution is part of Eriksson’s Mobile Operator WLAN – offering for which Ericsson has developed a completely new node, the Ericsson WLAN Authentication Server.

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