Fujitsu Micro. Introduces New Chips for 3G Phone Video Streaming

Fujitsu Micro. Introduces New Chips for 3G Phone Video Streaming


Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA) has recently introduced a pair of Mobile FCRAMtm devices for third-generation mobile phones.

Based on the company’s Fast Cycle RAM (FCRAM) architecture, the new 32Mbit MB82DBS02163C and the 64Mbit MB82DBS04163B are the first FCRAM devices to adopt burst mode for both read and write operations. “The new Mobile FCRAMs enable the latest cell phone features, including a built-in digital camera, along with video data streaming and other multimedia services. They are designed to meet the growing memory requirements and high data rates of mobile cellular systems,” said Keith Horn, FMA’s vice president of marketing. “Our multi-chip packages with FCRAM and burst-mode Fujitsu Flash memory deliver a small form factor that is ideal for mobile applications,” he continued.

I/O configuration in each version is x16, and supply voltages range from 1.65V to 1.95V, with burst frequency at 66MHz (@RL=5). Initial access times are 70ns and clock access times are 12ns, with page access times at 20ns. Each new FCRAM complies with the Common Specification for Mobile RAM (COSMORAM), which Fujitsu Limited, NEC Electronics Corporation and Toshiba Corporation recently announced.

Each new FCRAM uses burst-mode operation compatible with the burst-read operation of Flash memory, in which consecutive read operations are synchronized to the system clock. Both devices also employ burst-write technology that combines with the burst-read operation to deliver enhanced performance compared with page-mode versions. The new FCRAMs can be operated in page mode after the initial power-on. Both devices are user-configurable to burst mode, so they retain the functionality inherent in the existing design infrastructure.

Power consumption is also improved in the new Mobile FCRAMs, with a user-configurable partial power-down mode designed to extend battery life. VDD active current is 30mA, with power-down current at only 10 microAmps. Standby current is 80 microAmps in the MB82DBS02163C and 120 microAmps in the MB82DBS04163B.

Pricing and Availability

The Mobile FCRAMs are available now in monolithic and multi-chip packages together with Fujitsu Flash memory, or in wafer form for embedded applications. Pricing will begin at $7 each in 100,000 volumes for the 32Mbit MB82DBS02163C version, and $12 each for the 64Mbit MB82DBS04163B version in the same quantities.

Future versions will expand burst frequency up to 100MHz, with densities up to 128Mbits, reflecting Fujitsu’s commitment to providing high-value-added Application Specific Memories to meet customer and market requirements.