Sharp Introduces SL-C760 and SL-C750 New Zaurus Personal Mobile Tools

Sharp Introduces SL-C760 and SL-C750 New Zaurus Personal Mobile Tools


Sharp Corporation has announced the SL-C760 and SL-C750 Zaurus Personal Mobile Tools. Twice as fast as the previous Zaurus* and amazingly easy to operate, these new PDAs offer a wider range of more effective ways to work with things like office networks and business presentations.

In addition to retaining the popular features of the previous Zaurus, like a 3.7-inch, high-resolution, VGA display System LCD, a full-fledged built-in keyboard, and a horizontal- or vertical-viewing screen, the SL-C760 and SL-C750 have a new processor and 64 MB of memory—double the previous—making for fast, smooth operation. With pre-installed presentation software, users can hook the Zaurus up to a projector for presentations at a client’s office. VPN*2 compatibility means that users can access company intranets and check e-mail on the go with the knowledge that their data is protected by the highest level of security. Movie Player for MPEG-4 video clips viewing allows users to watch TV programs recorded with Sharp’s Galileo Personal Server, making the SL-C760 and SL-C750 perfect for entertainment, as well as business, on the go.

The SL-C760 comes standard with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery for approximately eight and a half hours of continuous use. With flash memory boosted to 128 MB, the highest in its class, the SL-C760 holds a five-volume electronic dictionary software.

What’s New With the SL-C760 and SL-C750

1. A new CPU and improved software means faster, smoother operation
With the latest Intel® Xscale™ CPU (PXA255, 400 MHz) and upgraded software, applications start twice as quickly (compared to SL-C700). And 64 MB of SDRAM means instant response to all operational commands and thus improved operability.

2. Five improved business functions including Internet, e-mail, and presentation capability

Advances in hardware and software give faster Internet surfing and better e-mail management. The new Zaurus can handle e-mail attachments up to 2 MB in size, a huge boost for business users. Pre-installed presentation software allows users to download PowerPoint® files with the Zaurus Shot function and give presentations directly from the Zaurus at a client’s office. With an optional CFXGA graphics card (from I-O Data Device, Inc.) and a projector or monitor, users can display SVGA images (800 x 600). They can also make handwritten comments onscreen. The new Zaurus also comes with Sharp’s HancomMobileSheet and HancomMobileWord, which can edit Microsoft® Excel and Word files. Zaurus Drive allows users to exchange data with PCs, making it easy to edit documents on the go.

3. More communication possibilities, including mobile offices using VPNs

In addition to wireless LAN compatibility, the new Zaurus works with communication services like NTT DoCoMo’s flat-rate @FreeD™. Readily available communication cards allow the Zaurus to work with FOMA and other mobile phone services. Compatible with VPNs using IPsec (Virtual Private Networks using Internet Protocol Security), the Zaurus gives users the highest level of security when using a company intranet or accessing e-mail.

4. Wealth of multimedia functions expands possibilities

Users get Music Player for listening to MP3 files and Movie Player for watching MPEG-4 video clips. By loading TV programs recorded on the Galileo Personal Server, the B3 series AQUOS LCD TV, or Sharp’s Portable AV Player onto an SD memory card, users can entertain themselves wherever they are.