Single Number Access for Promotions – that’s Text&Voice 120 from Telsis

Single Number Access for Promotions – that’s Text&Voice 120 from Telsis


Mobile operators can build substantial new income by offering major brands and other organisations a new, simple and effective direct marketing channel.

SMS promotions are already very popular, but they don’t reach all potential customers, as some phone users still prefer ‘calling’ to ‘texting’. However, the space available for a promotion is often too small to include multiple numbers for calls and text messages.

Launched today by infrastructure-and-services vendor Telsis, Text&Voice 120 enables networks to offer brands a single number for promotions to which their customers can respond as they wish, by text or voice.

Text&Voice 120 makes responding to a promotion both simpler and easier. It also allows those products and brands that have a strong audio identity to reinforce it within the promotion. Furthermore, as both text and voice channels are available, there is now more scope for creative

As well as enabling more powerful promotions, Text&Voice 120 is also easier for organisations to work with, as all responses (text or voice) are delivered directly to them by e-mail, thereby allowing effective campaigns to be quickly set-up.

Text&Voice 120 generates wins for network operators, brands and phone users.

Operators get a simple to integrate carrier-grade package that requires very little management and yet has the potential to generate substantial new income.

Brand promotions can now be accessed by millions of consumers, each campaign using a single unique number, for both text and voice responses. Organisations need only contract with one mobile network operator, rather than multiple operators or third-party service providers.

Phone users gain from the flexibility to use whichever means of response they prefer.

Text&Voice 120 handles all message types automatically. Competition codes from bottle tops, tabs or packages can be entered by text, or using DTMF keypresses in a voice call. In both cases, the caller’s CLI and entry are delivered directly by e-mail.

“It’s difficult to overstate the power of Text&Voice 120,” says Telsis marketing director Alan Pinnegar. “It will enable early adopter operators to corner a new market. Product promotions can now include all members of the family, from the text-crazy teenager to granny. Set-up and management is easier with direct e-mail delivery and the audio element can be used to reinforce brand identity – an ideal combination, for the consumer, the brand and the network.”

With its headquarters, research and production site in the UK, Telsis ( has sales and support operations in France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Singapore and Australia. The company offers a range of carrier-grade infrastructure platforms, including intelligent SMS Routers, IN service control points, switches and advanced IVR solutions that support a wide variety of innovative value-added text and voice services. Telsis products are in use with major fixed and mobile network operators around the world.