Eyetop Multimedia Glasses

Eyetop Multimedia Glasses


Eyetop has recently released their first multimedia eyeglasses, at CeBIT this year, and will be available this month to Consumers, professionals and retailers.

A considerable number of visitors had the chance to demo the Eyetop glasses and appreciated the comfort of a high resolution screen that is visible in large format out of the corner of the eye. Thus, they discovered a new device that visualizes images naturally and can be worn and used in all public places.

Eyetop also appealed to people because of its design. It can be worn as a fashion statement. In addition to its high tech look, Eyetop is easily and safely wearable in the street because its screen is located on the side, keeping the users’ field of vision free. They remain aware of the world around them while viewing video and images whenever they want, at a glance.

Eyetop is truly “plug and play” and instantly works with any device equipped with a video output, such as portable video players, digital cameras, digital camcorders, portable TVs, laptops, PDAs… All these devices are Eyetop compatible. In an image-oriented world, Eyetop allows multimedia to enter inaccessible places. No one had imagined before that video could be seen everywhere even in public places, in total confidentiality.

Eyetop and Archos gave a brilliant demonstration of Eyetop use. Connected to a multimedia jukebox, people at CeBIT discovered the first and most versatile video walkman, featuring a crisp image along with stereo sound.


Display format Monocular
Display type AMLCD
Video signal NTSC-M / PAL format
Video display devices AMLCD panel (76 800 pixels)
Resolution QVGA 320×240
Color bit depth 16-bit color
Number of colors 65 535 colors
Aspect ratio 4:3
Diagonal field of view 16°
Vertical field of view 9.60°
Horizontal field of view 12.80°
Focus image location 2m to infinity
Brightness 30 foot lambert
Contrast 100:1
Interface connectors RCA (video composite output)
Video settings Brightness/contrast/saturation/hue
Optical settings Focus adjustment +/- 0.75mm
Horizontal angle adjustment +/- 6°
Vertical adjustment: nose pad 4 positions