Xplore Announces Release of New iX104 Rugged Tablet PC

Xplore Announces Release of New iX104 Rugged Tablet PC


Xplore Technologies® Corp. has announced the commercial release of its newest rugged PC, the Xplore iX104-TPC. The highly durable iX104-TPC combines Microsoft’s advanced Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, leading performance-based hardware technologies, integrated wireless LAN and WAN capabilities and Xplore’s proven patented ruggedization techniques.

Xplore’s iX104 is the first rugged Tablet PC product engineered from the ground up exclusively around Microsoft’s versatile and powerful Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition Operating System by a manufacturer that has been providing rugged pen computing systems since 1996.

Designed and tested around Military Environmental Test Standards [MIL-STD 810F], the iX104 extends the benefits of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition to go beyond the office corridor and into the field, the warehouse, the police cruiser or wherever mobile workers operate. Handling the daily exposures of extreme operating temperatures, drops and shocks and the vibration associated with forklifts, trucks and police cruisers, the iX104 is ideally suited for public safety, utility, field service, field sales, health care, warehousing, transportation, government/military and homeland security applications.


– Rugged Construction: iX104’s multi-layer, dense, magnesium chassis and patented protection system lets you work free from worry that your device will be damaged in harsh computing environments be it dropped, banged or exposed to constant vibration and over 30 unique ruggedization design elements

– Horsepower: at the heart of the iX104 is a powerful ULV Intel® Pentium® III processor-M, 4X AGP graphics accelerator, up to 48MB of video memory, amplified stereo speakers and a long life Lithium Phosphate battery pack


– Docking Stations: the iX104 vehicle and desktop docking stations are designed for multiple working environments be it on a desktop, in a vehicle or on a wall. Our vast array of durable, custom mounting kits allow for proper positioning in a variety of workspaces. And with Windows XP Grab and Go capabilities, docking and undocking of the iX104 lets users quickly grab and go without having to change to a standby or hibernate state

– Built-in Wireless Communication: the iX104 has internal radio bays and performance matched embedded antennas for true mobility – no protruding wires which can be easily damaged. Support for simultaneous WLAN and WWAN lets you work in any environment. Windows XP zero configuration wireless support makes it easy to take advantage of wireless networks and stay connected


– Enhanced Display: whether indoors or outside the iX104’s XGA display can easily be seen thanks to Xplore’s optical enhancement technology. In addition Instant Screen Rotation provides additional flexibility in how you use your iX104 by letting the user instantly change the screen rotation from portrait to landscape mode on-the-fly

– Maintenance and Upgrades: are easy with the Xplore Rapid Configuration Bay (xRCB) designed to allow for maintenance and future expansion of your system e.g. RAM, hard drives or radio upgrades

– Xplore Snap-On Expansion Modules: allow further expansion of the system to meet specific applications such as GIS, digital imaging or scanning

– Hot Keys: an on-board backlit keypad is mapped to specific Tablet PC functions that permit quick access to common tasks. In addition this keypad allows access to the system when a keyboard is not available for diagnostics or BIOS level upgrades