DigitalPersona Revolutionizes Mobile Biometrics

DigitalPersona Revolutionizes Mobile Biometrics


DigitalPersona recently introduced U.are.U® Firefly, the world’s smallest, most accurate fingerprint sensor/scroll wheel designed for OEM integration into mobile applications. U.are.U Firefly’s patented roller-style fingerprint reader optically records the fingerprint image as the user glides their finger over the roller. The device can be easily integrated into laptops, PDAs, and other mobile devices to create a more secure and reliable means of user authentication. It is also the only device on the market that can serve as both a fingerprint sensor and a scroll-wheel/jog dial, making highly effective use of limited space in mobile devices. DigitalPersona will be demonstrating U.are.U Firefly at the Microsoft WinHEC show, booth #206.

“We have had great success with our U.are.U 4000 sensor in enterprise and mainstream computing, and we want to provide our OEM partners with the same performance characteristics in a smaller form factor that meets the unique challenges posed by mobile applications,” said Fabio Righi, CEO of DigitalPersona. “With U.are.U Firefly, we have created the most cost-effective solution for OEM integrators to provide reliable and convenient fingerprint authentication to their mobile device customers.”

U.are.U Firefly is designed to make it easier for OEMs to integrate fingerprint authentication into mobile devices. The optics are sealed from dust and the module includes convenient mounting features. Low power electronics provide digital output for connection to DigitalPersona’s ASIC with a USB interface or to a port on the host device’s processor. U.are.U Firefly’s image quality, up to 600 dpi, is compatible with all DigitalPersona U.are.U applications. Coupled with DigitalPersona’s recognition engine U.are.U Firefly provides an authentication performance that equals DigitalPersona’s other award winning products. DigitalPersona firmware controls all aspects of the fingerprint capture and scroll wheel functionality, including calibration, speed compensation, and data transfer over parallel or USB connection.

“By combining the world’s smallest optical sensor, DigitalPersona’s fingerprint matching algorithm and scroll wheel functionality, DigitalPersona has made fingerprint recognition practical for a far wider range of devices,” said Chris Christiansen, Program Vice President at IDC. “As mobile devices connect to corporate networks, they pose an increasingly greater risk to data security. DigitalPersona is making it possible for mobile device manufacturers to embed the security and convenience of fingerprint authentication into laptops, PDAs, cell phones, and other mobile devices.”

Optical technology is acknowledged to give the highest quality fingerprint images at a lower cost, with higher recognition reliability. Only 30 x 17 x 7.8 mm, U.are.U Firefly provides excellent image quality and can be used on dry, moist, or rough fingerprints.

Pricing and Availability

The U.are.U Firefly will begin shipping in Q1 2004. Pricing is available upon request.