Samsung Unveils ML-2150W 802.11b Printer

Samsung Unveils ML-2150W 802.11b Printer


Samsung Electronics unveiled an advanced laser printer (model: ML-2150W) that offers an impressive list of convenient features as well as the topnotch performance. One important feature is the built-in 802.11b wireless LAN support, which removes the typical tangle of network cables. Samsung’s new printer addresses another key connection issue, the bottleneck in sending documents from a PC to the printer, by supporting the USB 2.0 connection, which is up to 40 times faster than the conventional 1.1 standard.

The Samsung Electronics ML-2150W is capable of printing up to 20 pages per minute. To support such exceptional printing speed, this printer can store as many as 1,100 sheets of paper at a time with the optional cassette.

The one-touch toner saving feature makes this printer easy on your pocket, too. When activated, this function extends of life of a toner cartridge by 40%.

Double-sided printing is also as easy as a simple press of a button.