Global IP Sound Releases Industry’s First Acoustic Echo Suppression Software for PDAs

Global IP Sound Releases Industry’s First Acoustic Echo Suppression Software for PDAs


Global IP Sound today announced the release of its acoustic echo suppression software optimized for packet telephony applications on PDAs and other small devices. GIPS AES is a low-complexity, acoustic echo suppression software designed to handle the inherent problems of echo in the hands-free operation of PDAs and other small devices when communicating over packet-switched networks.

“GIPS AES enables the hands-free usage of VoIP clients in Intel-based PDA devices. Our experience and customer demonstrations have shown that Global IP Sound’s team of engineers and products are well suited to help all VoIP providers enable the best VoIP quality in the market,” said Peter Siljerud at Intel Wireless Competence Center.

The GIPS AES module enhances the overall sound quality of real-time VoIP calls with speaker and microphone equipped PDAs operating within Wireless LAN (802.11x/WLAN) environments. The technology enables users to converse on a PDA as they would on a mobile or traditional handset, without using a headset. It is the industry’s first suppression technology designed specifically for PDAs and small devices where the microphone and speaker are in close proximity. Because GIPS AES was designed to run on devices with tightly defined CPU power constraints, it is optimized specifically for the low power and small software footprint required for PDA applications. It is also well-suited for a variety of VoIP applications that require a low-complexity echo solution, such as 802.11-based cordless phones and softphones running on laptops.

“VoIP calling on a PDA is a new and exciting aspect of deploying packet voice for enterprise and individual user applications. PDA-based Internet telephony is a very cool, and practical, combination of the functionality of a PDA with the capability of a mobile phone,” said Gary Hermansen, president and CEO of Global IP Sound. “Like other components of the GIPS SoundWare suite of sound processing software, GIPS AES is optimized to meet a specific set of system requirements and deliver the best possible sound quality on the target platform.”

GIPS AES can be embedded onto a variety of software and digital signal processing (DSP) hardware platforms, including Windows OS for PCs, PocketPC for PDAs and TI DSPs. The module complies with International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Requirement G.167 and can handle both 8 kHz and 16 kHz sampled signals, affording flexibility in interoperating with different speech codecs. It can also handle the changing delay caused by soundcards and drivers in PDAs.

The AES module joins Global IP Sound’s family of echo cancellation and suppression software, including GIPS AEC for IP Phones, GIPS AEC for softphone applications not using headsets, GIPS NEC for IADs and GIPS NEC for media gateways. When combined with other sound processing modules from Global IP Sound, GIPS AES helps to achieve robust, telco-grade voice quality in softphones running on PDAs and other devices.