Roke Manor Research Develops Tri-Band CF Card

Roke Manor Research Develops Tri-Band CF Card


Roke Manor Research has developed the next generation in tri-band technology – the CF45 Compact Flash Card, based on MC45 technology developed by Siemens Wireless Modules. The tri-band GSM/GPRS module has been designed for GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 networks, making it suitable for use within both European and American mobile phone networks. It will enable wireless communications between all kinds of equipment via GSM and GPRS technology.

The CF45 uses state-of-the-art production technology components and thanks to its compact flash format, is ideal for use in PDAs, laptops, notebooks and other devices with compact flash interfaces such as digital cameras. It supports both data and voice transmissions to GPRS Class 10 standard and is the smallest product of its kind, weighing just 20g and measuring 58mm x 43mm x 5mm. It also has extremely low power consumption.

An evolution of the MC45, the world’s first tri-band module with GPRS technology developed by Siemens Wireless Modules, the CF45 will now enable you to use your PDA or laptop to make voice calls, connect to the Internet and transfer files using FTP. Because it uses GPRS, Class 10, theoretical data rates are 85kbits per second to download, and 42.5kbits per second to upload (assuming CS2 coding), making it faster than a dial-up home connection.

“Roke Manor Research has achieved the CF45 Compact Flash Card by spearheading developments in the terminal design area for the past two decades,” says Chris Edwards of Roke Manor Research’s wireless business unit. “This technology sets new standards in the tri-band wireless communications arena and is set to dramatically increase capabilities for the mobile market.”