Linux Appliance Software Adds Wi-Fi

Linux Appliance Software Adds Wi-Fi


Cybernet Systems Corporation today announced that its NetMAX Professional version 4.03 Internet appliance software now supports 802.11b wireless standards (WiFi). Its wireless capability means that the NetMAX Professional 4.03 can now complement and support the wireless firewalls and virtual private networks (VPN) required for establishing secure networks within businesses utilizing mobile hardware. For small- and mid-size enterprises, this provides the option of using NetMAX to create an affordable and rock-solid wireless access point or a more conventionally wired server based on the Linux operating system.

“Current NetMAX customers have been asking for wireless capability, and we’ve listened to their requests,” said Chuck Jacobus. Ph.D., CEO of Cybernet Systems. “By adding support for the 802.11b wireless standard, NetMAX now offers even more flexibility as it continues to deliver the power and reliability of Linux without any of the installation headaches. Small- and mid-size businesses with limited IT resources will especially benefit from the ability to install and configure a basic wireless or wired server with a few mouse clicks, one that includes the security required for today’s always-on connectivity.” Jacobus added that Cybernet Systems itself is a good example of how the NetMAX Professional’s new wireless capability can be used within a small business network. The company deployed its software preloaded on a Toshiba Magnia SG20 server to provide wireless connectivity in conference rooms, allowing employees to easily stay connected to email, network applications and documents utilizing their wireless enabled notebook computers during meetings.

“There is a lot of market interest in WiFi technology in general, and in particular for products meeting the needs of the small- to mid-size enterprise,” said Bill Greenlund, vice president server product marketing, Toshiba’s Computer Systems Group. “Customers are asking for wireless access capability to increase network resources, but at an affordable cost. Hardware such as Toshiba’s Magnia SG20 and software such as the NetMAX Professional give business owners and IT managers several cost-effective choices for wireless communications that also provide additional benefits, such as a boost in security for shared files and Internet service.”

Cybernet Systems and Toshiba’s Computer Systems Group’s recent relationship resulted in an efficient turnkey wireless server system, the Magnia SG20 Wireless Mobility Server, which is available pre-installed with NetMAX Professional and NetMAX VPN software. This easy to deploy, all-in-one NetMAX solution uses a Linux operating system based on Red Hat to provide small/medium size businesses, enterprise workgroups and ISPs with browser-based administration and pre-configuration of a suite of applications. It supports pre-packaged VPN, router and server vertical applications, network appliance functions in dedicated hardware or Pentium PC-based systems, and can host web, email and Linux applications.