RealOne Mobile Media gives Less talk, and More Entertainment

RealOne Mobile Media gives Less talk, and More Entertainment


RealOne Mobile Media Guide Enables Consumers to Stream Content on Nokia 3650 & Pocket PCs; Other Devices Coming Soon

RealNetworks, Inc., has announced that consumers for the first time can access brand-name audio and video programming right from their mobile phone. Offering top news, sports and entertainment content, the RealOne™ Mobile Media Guide enables consumers to enjoy streaming media whenever and wherever they want – whether listening to breaking news or sports headlines on-demand, or checking out the latest movie trailers on the way home. Content available through the RealOne Mobile Media Guide includes programming from: Capitol Records, CNET Radio Direct,, iFilm, NPR, PGA TOUR, Sporting News Radio, and Virgin Records.

The RealOne Mobile Media Guide is available on Nokia’s 3650 and Pocket PC devices. Devices from Siemens and Samsung supporting the RealOne Mobile Media Guide are expected to be offered in the US later this year. Consumers with a Nokia 3650, available from AT&T Wireless, Cingular, and T-Mobile, can access the guide by simply adding a bookmark for the guides to their phones. Consumers who want to add the bookmark to their 3650 phone can do so at

“RealNetworks is blazing a trail much as we did with the early days of Internet audio and video,” said Dan Sheeran, vice president, marketing, RealNetworks, Inc. “With enabled phones and devices shipping today, consumers can start really appreciating the world of audio and video content from wherever they are and content providers have the chance to establish their mobile brands now with consumers.”

RealNetworks also announced RealOne Mobile On-ramp – a comprehensive program that enables content providers to deliver programming to millions of consumers via their mobile phones and PDAs. Through RealOne Mobile On-ramp, content providers can extend their reach as well as tap into new revenue from subscription-based services. Content providers can easily encode their content in bitrates available over 2.5G mobile networks. Specifications are available on the RealOne Media On-ramp site

“In today’s climate, our listeners want an easy way to keep updated on world events,” said Maria Thomas, vice president, National Public Radio. “By offering NPR hourly updates via the RealOne Mobile Media Guide we are able to reach our listeners wherever they are – we believe updates such as this hold great promise for the future of media services.”

Content available through the RealOne Mobile Media Guide includes:

News: Hourly updates from NPR; broadcasts of CNET Radio Direct’s twice daily tech update hosted by Brian Cooley

Fox Wire sports update and Best Damn Sports Show “Things You Wouldn’t Say” excerpts; Video tournament highlights from PGA TOUR

Entertainment: Short films from; Movie trailers and short films from iFilm; Music videos from Capitol and Virgin Records.

“Delivering our music content through as many new platforms as possible is a huge priority for us. Mobile devices are increasingly becoming a key way for us to connect fans with our artists whenever and wherever they are,” said Ted Cohen, Senior Vice President, Development of EMI’s Digital Distribution and Development Group. “Younger consumers and trend setting adults already use mobile phones as an essential tool to not just to work and live, but also to be social, to be entertained and to be informed. Through the RealOne Mobile Media Guide, EMI’s Capitol and Virgin Records can now deliver music videos from emerging and established artists directly through to their mobile devices.”

“Fox Sports is excited to bring its unique video offerings to sports fans on wireless devices – with a healthy dose of FOX Sports action, attitude and opinion,” said John Smelzer, Vice President, Business Development,

“CNET Networks’ audience comprises an enormous number of early adopters, including folks who spend a lot of time away from their desktop,” said Brian Cooley, associate vice president of CNET Networks and host of CNET Radio Direct. “We are pleased to extend our CNET Radio Direct digital audio service to users of the RealOne Mobile Media Guide, ensuring they have ‘on the go’ access to the day’s top technology business news.”

With more than 335 million unique registered users of the RealPlayer® or RealOne Player, RealNetworks has been connecting consumers with content on PCs and Macs at home for years, offering users customized and compelling experiences. Now content providers may easily leverage their new and existing RealAudio® and RealVideo® content for mobile devices since the RealOne Player is being distributed to Nokia phones, as well as on Palm’s Zire 71. With the rapid adoption of these devices, content providers have another opportunity to reach an expanding audience in innovative and meaningful ways.