Philips DesXcape150DM Portable WiFi Display

Philips DesXcape150DM Portable WiFi Display


Philips is heralding a new era in personal computing convenience today with the European retail launch of the DesXcape – the detachable PC monitor providing the freedom to access applications and data from anywhere within a home or small office using a wireless network.

The Philips DesXcape150DM is a multifunctional ‘smart display’, which combines the 802.11b (WiFi) wireless networking standard with Microsoft® Windows technology to free PC users from the constraints of fixed, desktop usage.

The DesXcape goes on sale today in selected outlets in France, Germany, the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands, commencing a rollout that will eventually see the product on sale in more than 100 retailers, including major chains and specialist dealers. Philips has set up a dedicated website – – to help prospective customers in Europe know more about the product, and also find their nearest DesXcape stockist.

Elegantly designed, the DesXcape is built around advanced Philips flat display technology, enabling it to operate as a fully-featured LCD monitor when docked in its base station, or as a wireless platform for displaying and replaying digital content. The DesXcape’s versatility is underpinned by the highly scalable Intel® XScale™ processing platform for smart displays.

The DesXcape is the ultimate connectivity solution for PC users multitasking away from their desks. Via a wireless connection to the PC, the DesXcape provides remote access to e-mail, instant messaging, online news and financial information, or simply pull up a dinner recipe on the Internet – anywhere in the office or home and regardless of where the host PC is located.

“The DesXcape further showcases Philips’ industry leadership in providing innovative, user-friendly products,” says Antonio Cintra, Vice-President & General Manager PC Peripherals, Philips Consumer Electronics Europe. “The DesXcape takes display technology into a new, portable domain, meeting users’ real needs in the process.”

“We are excited to be working with Philips to bring the DesXcape detachable monitor to Europe,” comments Todd Warren, general manager of the Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft Corp. “Philips’ expertise in the consumer electronics industry, combined with Microsoft Windows software, delivers a compelling and innovative solution that makes it possible for consumers to use their Microsoft Windows XP-based PC anywhere in the house.”

“The Philips DesXcape Smart Display is powered by an Intel XScale technology-based processor to help provide the performance needed to access PC applications and data from anywhere in the home using a wireless network,” adds Peter Green, general manager of Intel’s Extended Computing Division. “Additionally, Intel XScale technology-based processors are specifically designed for low power consumption to help enable long battery life for these devices, providing new PC mobility for the user.”

Wireless display and portable infotainment
Built around a 15-inch active matrix touch-screen LCD and weighing just 2.4 kg, the Philips DesXcape 150DM provide easy access to the computing functionality of a desktop PC via 802.11b wireless networking, accessing the host PC from up to 50 meters away indoors, and 100m outside. As a result, PC users can exploit both the processing and storage benefits of a Microsoft® Windows XP-based desktop PC and the dynamic flexibility of a portable device.

Users can maintain data in a centralized location, eliminating the need to synchronize data across multiple PCs. Furthermore, the DesXcape provides no compromises when used to view PC content, due to its large viewing area, XGA resolution and pen-based input. Sophisticated handwriting recognition can be used for data entry, and for more intensive data entry, an optional wireless keyboard is available.

The DesXcape also has its place in the world of mobile ‘infotainment’: when used with its supplied picture frame stand, the DesXcape can be used as a mobile Internet screen, able to access online content via a dedicated browser on the host PC, and enabling wireless access to a variety of online content – from TV guides to recipes. The DesXcape can also access the host PC’s digital music library, receiving streamed audio and playing it out via the device’s integrated stereo speakers.

Rechargable batteries enable the DesXcape to deliver up to five hours of continuous operation without any physical connection to either the host PC or a power source. When placed in its tilting base station, the DesXcape serves as a state-of-the-art PC monitor, offering a choice of VGA or DVI-D input. In this ‘docked’ mode, desktop wiring clutter can be completely eliminated, by using Philips DesXcape’s wireless keyboard. Alternatively, USB connectors in the base enable a standard keyboard and mouse to be plugged in.

The DesXcape goes on sale today, and will be available as a package combining the detachable monitor, base station, wireless networking adapter and for a limited time only, a wireless keyboard* for €1699 (UK consumers will be able to buy the DesXcape for £999 including a rebate).