Palm Tungsten C WiFi 802.11b Released

Palm Tungsten C WiFi 802.11b Released


For campus-based professionals on the move all day, managing meetings and interacting with data for quick decision-making, Palm, Inc. today introduced its most powerful handheld computer with built-in high-speed wireless connectivity — the Palm(TM) Tungsten(TM) C handheld. As Wi-Fi hotspots become increasingly commonplace in airports, hotels, offices, hospitals and universities across the nation, Tungsten C handheld users can gain fast wireless access to the Internet, email, messaging, large applications and other corporate data while traveling or anywhere within their business’ Wi-Fi-enabled network.

The Tungsten C handheld debuts several innovations in design and technology to address what campus networkers want most in a handheld. It is Palm’s first device to ship with integrated Wi-Fi, or 802.11b, for wireless campus connectivity. It offers 64MB(2) of memory to manage data-intensive applications; 400MHz of ARM processing power to drastically reduce wait times for almost any query or application; a 320 x 320 transflective TFT display (Palm’s sharpest screen to date for indoor and outdoor viewing); and integrated, full-featured business applications, such as VersaMail(TM) 2.5 for email, and DataViz(R) Documents To Go(R) for efficiently managing Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint compatible documents.

“The Palm Tungsten C handheld arms mobile professionals on Wi-Fi campuses and via hotspots with constant access to their most important data,” said Todd Bradley, president and chief executive officer of Palm Solutions Group. “Mobile professionals, educators, doctors, government officials, emergency workers, line-of-business and IT managers alike can go about their work while away from their desktops and never miss an important piece of information.”

Businesses can implement a wide range of mobile wireless solutions that take advantage of the Tungsten C handheld’s power and speed. For instance, with integration with IBM’s WebSphere Everyplace Access platform, the Tungsten C handheld can provide mobile access to a wide range of enterprise data and applications, as well as personal productivity applications and Lotus Instant Messaging.

“Users are increasingly requiring access to applications on the Palm platform based on open standards technology aimed at helping enterprises gain fast, secure and reliable mobile access to data through Wi-Fi networked locations,” said Adel Al-Saleh, general manager, IBM Wireless e-Business Solutions.

High-speed Networking
Wi-Fi networked locations are appearing in hotels, such as the Four Seasons, Hilton and Marriott; airports, such as Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose and Tampa; and restaurants and cafes, such as The Armani Cafe in Boston, Starbucks and McDonalds.(1) This shift in the networking landscape enables users of the Tungsten C handheld with integrated 802.11b to process and distribute information at high speeds that are critical for work and productivity.

The Tungsten C handheld’s high-speed networking capabilities are powered by a 400MHz processor, the fastest processor available today for handhelds. With 64MB of memory, this handheld provides the most memory available for any Palm OS(R) based device, representing a technology breakthrough by Palm Solutions Group. Palm handheld users now can run more applications and store more data than ever before on a Palm Powered(TM) device — including emails with attachments, pictures, video clips, voice memos and games. An internal rechargeable 1500mAh battery provides a full work day of consistent Wi-Fi connectivity, or a full work week of normal handheld use.(3)

Running on Palm OS 5.2.1, the Palm Tungsten C handheld is the first Palm branded device to integrate natively full-featured business applications such as DataViz Documents To Go Professional Edition for Word, Excel and PowerPoint compatible document handling; the proxyless web browser by PalmSource, Inc. that supports HTML, JavaScript and other Internet standards; and Palm Photo View 1.0. The Tungsten C handheld delivers additional software features, such as color themes; on-screen writing; and Graffiti(R) 2, Palm’s new and more intuitive handwriting-recognition software.

The Tungsten C handheld also natively integrates VersaMail 2.5, the latest offering in the line of Palm personal email software applications. Supporting up to eight personal and/or corporate email accounts, VersaMail 2.5 features capabilities such as auto retrieve, which lets users set their devices to automatically wake up and check for new email, as well as new viewing preferences such as multiline view, support for basic HTML mail and expanded font support. Additional enhanced functionality enables Tungsten C handheld users to wirelessly download and view the text of Microsoft Word documents, JPG images, ZIP files and HTML email attachments.

The Tungsten C handheld comes with Chapura PocketMirror 3.1 for synchronization with Microsoft Outlook (Windows only) and is bundled with 10 productivity, communication and entertainment applications, including printing software that allows corporate users to access their Wi-Fi networks and print directly to their network printers. Additional links from the Tungsten C Essentials CD provide shortcuts to applications from AOL, AvantGo and more VPN solutions. A complete list and description of applications is available at .

For mobile and small- or home-office professionals who need behind-the-firewall access to their networks, the Tungsten C handheld ships with a built-in PPTP (point-to-point tunneling protocol) virtual private network (VPN) from Mergic. This solution enables individuals to securely check email, browse the web or company intranet and wirelessly synchronize with their desktop to back up information and manage email.

Additional new security features include application-level encryption and new power-on password capabilities. A 128-bit encryption technology enables users to choose which applications they want encrypted. Password-character blocking keeps bystanders from seeing on-screen passwords. Scheduled and/or regularly timed lockouts protect data when the device isn’t in use.

Design and Expansion
A sleek silver device weighing 5.82 oz. (6.3 oz. with stylus), the Tungsten C handheld features many of the key innovations introduced with the new Tungsten line of products, including 5-way, one-handed navigation; an integrated QWERTY thumb keyboard; and a 15mm speaker for application audio playback. Individuals can customize and extend the capabilities of the Tungsten C handheld with Palm’s dual-expansion technology, which includes the Palm Expansion Slot for SD Cards, SDIO and MultiMediaCard media (postage-stamp-sized cards that allow users to access important information without sacrificing valuable memory space), and the Palm Universal Connector for hardware add-ons. Palm’s dual-expansion technology enables users to add new software, business applications or memory; attach peripherals, such as a keyboard, camera, or a Microsoft PowerPoint presenter such as Margi Presenter-to-Go; and back up their handhelds on-the-go with the 64MB Palm Backup Card.

Palm also introduced a range of accessories for the Tungsten C handheld, including the following (all prices are estimated U.S. street price):

— Power To Go — A clip-on battery pack that recharges the Tungsten C handheld and other models while the user continues to work. Additional Power To Go battery packs can be hot-swapped for extended, uninterrupted use. Power To Go extends working time by a full recharge for most Palm handhelds, and up to two recharges with some models. Available in May for $99.95.

— 64MB Backup Card Plus — A Palm branded SD Card that provides more flexibility to securely back up and restore handheld data. Scheduled to be available later this month for $59.95.

The complete range of accessories for the Palm Tungsten C handheld, including expansion cards, cases and covers, can be found at .

Pricing and Availability

The Palm Tungsten C handheld is $499 (estimated U.S. street price) and is scheduled to be available May 5 worldwide and online at The Palm Store ( ).