Nokia Observation Camera

Nokia Observation Camera


As operators finalize their implementations of MMS networks and consumers begin to embrace the power of visual communication that MMS provides, Nokia today introduced a new kind of MMS device for the Americas market, the Nokia Observation Camera, which creates new ways for individuals and businesses to remotely receive visual information. The dual-band (GSM/GPRS 850/1900MHz) Nokia Observation Camera is expected to be available during the third quarter of 2003.

After being mounted in a covered area and connected to a power source, the Nokia Observation Camera can be pointed at any area that needs to be monitored. The Nokia Observation Camera can be set to send images automatically to an MMS-enabled handset or e-mail address at pre-determined intervals, when motion is detected, when a change in temperature is noted or when an SMS query is sent directly to the device. For additional functionality, the Nokia Observation Camera also can report ambient temperature via SMS or open a voice channel for live audio monitoring.

Businesses can use the Nokia Observation Camera for both economical, real-time asset monitoring and for new, innovative ways of marketing to consumers. By using the Nokia Observation Camera to monitor remote locations, visual information regarding the status of equipment and processes can be obtained instantly without needing to incur the time and cost of sending out a service technician when no problem is observed. Further operational benefits of the Nokia Observation Camera include monitoring of stock and inventory and visual tracking of progress at construction sites. By using the Nokia Observation Camera as part of a marketing program businesses can, for example, visually provide information to golfers on weather and course conditions, or instantly show the popularity of a new local club with a strategically placed device.

“The Nokia Observation Camera gives operators another new way to generate revenue from their GPRS infrastructure and offers businesses and individuals a method of communication that previously was either impossible or simply not cost-effective,” says Sarah Van Siclen, director of Nokia’s mobile enhancement business unit, Americas. “This is another good example of how new mobile networks can provide innovative services that go far beyond voice.”

Consumers looking to add extra peace of mind to their lives will also find the Nokia Observation Camera both easy to install and convenient to use in a wide variety of applications. Examples of consumer uses include frequent travelers wanting to check on their homes while out of town, lake-house owners wanting to keep an eye on their investment or boaters needing to examine the condition of their boats as they sit at the dock.

Note: Some features may be network dependent. This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, in the United States until authorization is obtained. Nokia intends to obtain FCC authorization prior to commercial launch of this device.