Homemix CDJ1 Mobile System

Homemix CDJ1 Mobile System


The new Homemix CDJ1 from Acoustic Solutions Ltd will turn an average party into the banging bash of the year. Even an inexperienced DJ who has never picked up gear before, will be able to mix some fresh beats. A bit of practice is all it takes.

The Homemix CDJ1 has all sorts of features to make your mixes sound even more professional and fantastic. The Pitch Activation and Pitch Bend + and – features allow you to increase and decrease the speed of a CD. Frame advance allows each frame of a CD to be heard and lets you locate the exact starting position of your choice.

The compact design makes it easy to transport. It’s ideal for taking to parties, and your mates are bound to be impressed when they hear your skills. You never know, you might get so good that you can give up your job to be a mobile DJ, or collect change on the street with your superior DJ skills.

Included for beginners is the ‘How 2 Mix’ CD ROM guide to DJ mixing. It features visual and audio advice on how to use the equipment, tips on how to mix, and a guide to the structure of music. There’s even a selection of interviews with top DJs such as Lisa Lashes and Lee Haslam, offering professional advice and info.


– Twin CD Players
– +/-10% pitch control on CDs
– CD frame advance (1/72nd sec) for beat positioning
– Countdown timer on CD display
– Digital tuner with AM and FM reception
– 8 memory locations on tuner
– Cassette mechanism
– +/-5% pitch control on cassette
– 2-channel DJ mixer
– Bass and treble control on master output
– 45mm (1 ¾” crossfader)
– AC mains or battery operation
– Mic input socket
– External amp output sockets


– Music power: 25W
– Amp output: 775 mV
– Send output: 500 mV
– Return output: 500 mV
– Treble range: +/-6dB at centre frequency 10 KHz
– Bass range: +/-6dB at centre frequency 100 Hz
– Headphone impedance: 32 Ohm
– Microphone impedance: 600 Ohm, input sensitivity 8mV @ 1 KHz
– CD pitch range: +/-10%, 1%/Step
– Tape pitch range: +/-5%
– AC power input: 230V / 50 Hz, CE version
– Power consumption: 40 Watts @ AC 230V / 50 Hz, CE version, Europe
– Tuner band: FM 87.5 ~ 108 MHz, 50 KHz/Step, CE version
– AM 522 ~ 1620 KHz, 9 KHz/Step, CE version
– Measures: 52 x 20 x 17cm (L x W x H)