Nokia 810 Goes Old-School

Nokia 810 Goes Old-School


Nokia recently unveiled its new innovative car phone, the Nokia 810, designed to make voice and data communication easier and more comfortable in a vehicle environment. The user-friendly features can be accessed easily with the novel Navi™ wheel. In addition, the Nokia 810 car phone provides superior handsfree audio quality combined with enhanced GSM network coverage due to an external antenna linked via a cable connector.

The Nokia 810 car phone (GSM 900/1800) allows for voice communications and high-speed data in HSCSD and GPRS networks, and also includes a wireless interface supporting the Bluetooth technology. Expected to start shipping in the third quarter of 2003, the Nokia 810 will be available in Europe, Africa and select markets in Asia Pacific.

“The new Nokia 810 car phone combines optimal ease of use and convenience for all users who value efficient and reliable voice and data communication whether in a private car or company car, a van or a truck. The streamlined user interface ensures fast access to phone functions”, says Razvan Olosu, Head of Nokia Smart Traffic Products, Mobile Enhancements Business Unit, Nokia Mobile Phones. “The integration of the Bluetooth technology and voice recognition capability is a key innovation in the vehicle arena, giving users the possibility to transfer phonebook entries from a compatible mobile phone supporting Bluetooth technology by just speaking a voice command, as well as use the Nokia 810 car phone with a wireless headset.”

The pivotal feature of the Nokia 810 car phone is the new Navi™ wheel, which can be turned both clockwise and counter-clockwise to navigate quickly to the features, names and numbers the user needs. With the additional function keys many features are accessible with just one touch. The simple, intuitive controls are further complemented with voice dialing and voice command capabilities.

The Nokia 810 car phone’s separate display comes with generously sized, easy-to-read fonts, convenient user-customisable display positioning and automatic backlighting that is configurable for day and night time use.

The Nokia 810 car phone memory can be used separately by two different people using a single SIM card. This personalization is especially convenient for company cars that are used by more than one person. Phonebook entries, voice dial, short messages and phone settings, such as ring tones, can be saved in two separate memories and activated easily.

Using a compatible Bluetooth headset, the user can carry out phone calls in private. Via Bluetooth or an RS 232 data cable, the car phone can be connected to compatible peripheral devices such as a laptop or the vehicle’s onboard system. The Nokia 810 can then be used as a data modem or for fleet management applications, operated by means of AT-commands.