Siemens Moby R Identification System on the way

Siemens Moby R Identification System on the way


Who hasn’t wandered through a parking garage while weighted down with heavy packages, trying to remember just where the car is parked? Soon, parking machines may also supply a vehicle’s exact location on the paid parking voucher. At the Hanover Fair (April 7 to 12), Siemens will be presenting the Moby R identification system, which can locate objects in real time at a range of up to 300 meters to within three meters of their actual position.

The system is already being used at the BMW plant in Dingolfing, Germany, where 1,300 cars roll off the assembly line every day. Thanks to Moby R, plant employees at Dingolfing can monitor the location of each one of those vehicles at all times on the intranet. The cars are equipped with pocket-sized transmitters that send out distinctive signals at preset intervals of between five seconds and one hour. Those signals are then received by four antennas and forwarded to a computer, which uses the time-shifted signal data to calculate the locations of the vehicles.

The computer also makes vehicle information – including type, equipment and special options – available online. Siemens is already negotiating to deliver the real-time location system to logistics, chemical and aviation companies. Applications for Moby R could, for example, include tracking freight containers in international port facilities. Even when simultaneously monitoring thousands of objects, the system keeps the overview. In warehouses, the system could also warn workers not to store chemical containers in close proximity to one another if the contents must be kept separated by a safe distance. In such instances, Moby R might even deny access to inappropriate storage areas.