RM Launches Intel Centrino Powered Tablet PC

RM Launches Intel Centrino Powered Tablet PC


RM plc, the leading supplier of ICT to UK education, has previewed a new Centrino* model of the RM Tablet PC, based on the latest Intel Pentium M processor. RM is Intel’s sole UK Tablet PC launch partner for Centrino and will sell the new product from April.

The Tablet PC has been a great success with schools, presenting them with an innovative yet extremely user friendly and portable solution. RM is now building on this strong base by bringing an enhanced version to the market.

The new Tablet PC is notably more agile and power consumption is significantly lower, making it ideal for classroom use and enabling teachers and pupils to stay on the move for longer.

RM already has claim to the world’s lowest priced Tablet PC powered by Intel CPU technology. The Centrino version, whilst new and improved, is targeted around the same affordable price, offering extra value to education and other government markets.

*Centrino is a combination of Intel’s new CPU and Wireless Lan technology. The new RM Tablet PC has Intel 802.11b wireless Lan built in and is fully compatible with Intel’s Centrino mobile communications initiative.