Nortel Networks Launches WLAN Portfolio For Enterprises and Carriers

Nortel Networks Launches WLAN Portfolio For Enterprises and Carriers


Nortel Networks announced a new portfolio of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) products for enterprises and carriers, designed for delivering high-bandwidth voice and data services securely and allowing end users to have anytime, anywhere access to applications such as email, voicemail and unified messaging via a personal computer (PC), handheld device or cell phone.

Designed to support Nortel Networks comprehensive WLAN strategy unveiled today, the new portfolio will complement existing Nortel Networks wireless and IP solutions. “Many companies are talking about WLANs, however, very few have addressed the missing link – security,” said Malcolm Collins, president, Enterprise Networks, Nortel Networks. “With the introduction of this new product portfolio, Nortel Networks will enable the delivery of secure roaming capabilities that seamlessly span converging public and private networks, as well as hotspot environments.” “Nortel Networks new family of WLAN products will offer enterprises and carriers the ability to operate a single network that enables secure, seamless mobility, while maximizing operational efficiency and reducing capital expenses,” added Collins. “We have evaluated a number of WLAN solutions from different vendors.

We believe Nortel Networks WLAN solution will enable our employees — many of whom spend the majority of their time on the road – to share the information they need to do their job quickly and effectively, without the constraints of wired network access,” said Moses Schwartz, director, Technical Services, Westcon Group North America, Inc., a global channel provider of technology products which is currently evaluating Nortel Networks WLAN solution as part of its beta trials program. “It will free our employees to serve customers immediately and with much greater responsiveness, which is absolutely critical in our business.” Nortel Networks WLAN portfolio will initially include four core products: Nortel Networks WLAN Security Switch 2250: To provides security management services, such as privileged-based access and unauthorized access detection, as well as centralized control to protect and manage mobile communications over WLANs. Additional load balancing capability will provide more efficient traffic distribution and bandwidth management; enabling network managers to maximize network availability.

Nortel Networks WLAN Access Point 2220: A feature-rich access point to provide the first level of security to wired Ethernet networks. It will also offer superior functionality, such as dual image support for operational and default settings to enable emergency repairs in hotspot deployments to be delayed until convenient. Additional features will include a WLAN hotspot feature set, dual-mode radio signaling and seamless IP roaming across different domains, including dual mode roaming between the 802.11a and b standards.

Nortel Networks WLAN Mobile Voice Client i2050: To support wireless IP telephony calls for pocket PCs.

Nortel Networks WLAN Mobile Adapter 2201: A Cardbus adapter for mobile computing devices such as laptops that will support both 802.11a and 802.11b standards.