Intermec 700 Color Mobile Computers Now Available With Speech Recognition

Intermec 700 Color Mobile Computers Now Available With Speech Recognition


Intermec Technologies Corp. today introduced SyVox speech recognition software for its popular 700 Color mobile computer. Speech recognition systems allow mobile workers to perform hands-free and eyes-free data collection for improved productivity, accuracy and safety. The SyVox speech recognition software offered by Intermec is ideal for warehouse and inventory workers who “pick” inventory to fill orders.

“SyVox software allows workers to accurately and simply use speech commands to control their Intermec 700 mobile computers,” said Kelson Elam, managing director of Intermec partner Genesta, which provides the SyVox technology. “That means workers don’t have to stop what they’re doing to enter a keyboard command. They become instantly more productive. We believe these systems will pay for themselves in short order.”

The SyVox system offered by Intermec allows workers to hear instructions through a headset connected to a belt-mounted Intermec 700 Color and to communicate verbally with an ERP system through a wireless network. Speaker-independent technology eliminates the need to train the system to match a particular user’s voice. Users can just put on a headset and speak. By standardizing on the reliable Intermec 700 platform, the system can cost almost 50% less than speech recognition systems that use proprietary speech data terminals.

The SyVox system easily integrates with existing warehouse management systems and enterprise resource planning systems. It functions accurately in noisy, industrial environments. It adds a powerful additional capability to the Intermec 700 Series, joining more familiar scanning, keyboard and touch screen input methods.

The SyVox system provides support for multiple languages. It will be available on 700 Color mobile computers in Q2 2003, the result of a marketing partnership between Intermec and Genesta, of Rockwall, Texas. Genesta has become a primary provider of industrial speech recognition systems through its recent acquisition of the assets of SyVox Corp., a company that invested 20 years of research and development into speech recognition technology.

“SyVox speech recognition software offered by Intermec again clearly demonstrates that the Intermec 700 is the device of choice for serious enterprise mobility,” said Intermec Vice President Scott Medford.

Intermec’s 700 Series already has become a favorite with workers whose daily shifts require powerful, reliable and easy-to-use handheld computers that can take the abuse of industrial, mobile and retail environments. The 700 Color model provides the power and speed necessary for serious enterprise mobility. Its ability to integrate up to three radios in a single device, including 802.11b and BlueToothTM technologies, provides virtually unlimited wireless communications capabilities. Its optional scanning technologies offer reliable and accurate data and image collection, and its market-leading battery capacity ensures up to 10 hours of operation between recharging. Yet the 700 Series Color weighs as little as 17 ounces.