Unleash 900MHz Wireless Headset

Unleash 900MHz Wireless Headset


Unleash is a new wireless mobile headset solution designed specifically for users demanding a simple solution with superior voice quality over a secure communication medium. Unleash offers a higher performance solution than 900MHz headsets and a simpler, more cost effective alternative to Bluetooth based solutions.

Through patented Near Field Magnetic Wireless Technology, Unleash delivers an affordable headset offering high quality, performance, and value – all with unprecedented power management benefits that give mobile consumers a convenient and truly wireless solution.

Unleash is comprised of a lightweight, ergonomically designed headset, a small base unit that attaches to the phone, and the patent pending Unwire™ battery–powered charging case that charges both the headset and the base unit simultaneously. Unleash represents the total mobility that wireless customers demand; there are absolutely no wires or cords to worry about. No bulky AC wall adapters, no car chargers, no wires at all!

Unlike conventional RF technologies that broadcast radio frequency signals, Near Field Magnetic Wireless Technology creates a secure, low power communication bubble that envelopes and is uniquely owned by each user. The benefits of your own personal communication cell include: a dedicated communication channel, secure conversations, no bandwidth sharing with other users, and reliable operation with 802.11, Bluetooth, CDMA, GSM and the other wireless standards. The result is a crystal clear, reliable and more secure connection for the user.