IDS Nexus Mass Storage Device

IDS Nexus Mass Storage Device


Infinite Data Storage (IDS) has eliminated the middleman. Consumers can do away with the cumbersome task of uploading digital photos to their PCs before archiving them to a storage medium.

IDS unveiled the NexusTM, featuring their unique CameraBuddy (USB host) technology. The Nexus is a small and simple, but intelligent, device that allows a direct connection between a digital camera and a mass storage device, such as CD-RW and hard disk drives – without a PC.

“One of the major drawbacks to digital cameras for ordinary consumers is the daunting PC upload process – users need to upload the photos first and then move them to the hard disk and then on to a storage medium for archiving,” said Jim Leslie, Managing Director, Infinite Data Storage.

“We’ve eliminated the reliance on the PC as the archive for digital photos. If you have any portable CD-RW drive, such as our portable Calypso, you can easily download your photos to a CD directly from your camera. The Nexus is another milestone for IDS – and the digital world – as we continue our mission to simplify personal data storage with small and easy-to-use devices.”

Until now, digital camera users have been faced with the flash card dilemma – once the card is full, the camera is useless. Users can either pay for additional flash cards, which are expensive, or delete photos from the camera. The Nexus enables users to connect the camera to any portable CD-RW drive, push two buttons, and end up with a verified CD copy of all their images. The Nexus archives the images as JPEG files, which become immediately viewable on any PC and some DVD players.

IDS also plans to extend the Nexus capability to enable easy storage and access to rich content on PDAs, mobile phones and other mobile devices