Intermec Introduces the CT60 Rugged Tablet PC

Intermec Introduces the CT60 Rugged Tablet PC


Intermec Technologies Corp. has introduced the CT60, a new rugged tablet personal computer designed to bring the ease of a tablet PC to mobile workers no matter what their work environment. The Intermec CT60 performs flawlessly in freezing temperatures, pouring rain and other demanding situations. It delivers reliable mobile computing power on the job, whether that’s behind a desk, on the road or in the field. Its “grab and go” capabilities mean it can be moved from its docking station to remote use without powering down.

The CT60 operates Microsoft Corp.’s Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system and contains a Mobile Intel Pentium III Processor-M for speed and productivity. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition allows users to run full Windows-based applications using a pen or speech, annotate documents, and create handwritten documents using digital ink. It is fully compatible with other Intermec computers with Windows-based operating systems. The CT60 is available with 256 or 512 MB RAM, 20 or 40 GB hard drive, dual hot-swappable batteries and built-in wireless connectivity, all critical features for seamless operations, real-time information exchange and improved productivity.

The unit is protected by a fully sealed, vacuum-tested, milled aluminum housing. “Ours is the only rugged tablet PC with a milled-aluminum housing,” said Dave Grainger, chief executive of Walkabout Computers, which manufactures the CT60. “It won’t bend or flex and is so rugged you could drive a truck over it.”

“Intermec’s rugged tablet PC demonstrates the capability and resources Windows XP Tablet PC Edition can bring to the mobile worker,” said Robert Williams, group manager, business development of the Tablet PC at Microsoft Corp. “Together, Microsoft and Intermec make it simple: the full power of a PC in a more mobile and versatile form factor that will deliver increased productivity and real-time information to frontline workers everywhere.”

The combination of wireless communications capabilities, full Windows power, rugged design and the ability to move from docking station to work location without powering down make the CT60 a formidable productivity tool.

“Our customers expect more, and we deliver,” said Intermec Vice President Mike Colwell. “Our partnerships with Walkabout and Microsoft mean our customers can trust they are getting Intermec-strength ruggedness, Intermec’s legendary commitment to customer service, and cutting edge capabilities from quality-driven technology companies.”