Acer Unveils the 300Mhz N10 Pocket PC

Acer Unveils the 300Mhz N10 Pocket PC


Acer has released the affordable n10 Microsoft Pocket PC Intel® PXA255 powered handheld. This setup has 300MHz processing power, 64MB SDram, and 32MB Flash Memory. If thats not enough, how about SD/MMC and CF Type I/Type II dual expansion slots powered by a 1500 mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery.

A sturdy operating platform and ultra-dependable processing bring to n10 users the kind of reliable performance that will let them stay in control no matter where, no matter when. The Acer n10 delivers users the technology to stay ahead, the tools to stay on track, and ultimately a very handsome way to stay in tune with an ergonomically pleasing exterior. Product features include:

Superb Value: The Acer n10 was designed to bring the world of handheld convenience and usability to a wider and younger audience. More than simply full-fledged functionality, the n10 also boasts killer features, multimedia prowess, and great looks. With PIM (Personal Information Management), a full suite of handheld Office apps, eBook reader, a host of bundled multimedia applications, including embedded games, photo viewer, video player, and an MP3 player, powerful dual expansion, this handheld delivers it all. The n10 also exemplifies convenience and accessibility, coming at minimal expense to the pocketbook.

Smooth flexibility: Flexible SD/MMC and CF Type I/Type II dual expansion slots give users generous storage and peripheral options. The former is among the most popular digital storage formats available today, and the latter is even able to accommodate other formats with a common aftermarket adapter. Increased battery life also ensures you’ve got the freedom to go further afield without having to worry you’re running low on power.

Powerful convenience: Ensuring users get all the strength and reliability they require, the Acer n10 is built with Microsoft® Windows® Powered Pocket PC 2002 platform and the Intel® PXA255 processor; providing more system performance and enhanced power management capabilities. Packed with cutting edge technology, the Acer n10 has what it takes to help dynamic users keep it together and stay with the program.

In style: The Acer n10 was created to feel fantastic in the hand, and to be the stylistic envy of handheld devices everywhere. Comfortably curved edges give the n10 a soft and inviting appeal, as intelligently placed controls add to usability speed and ease.

ACER QUOTE: “Much like the handheld device market, Acer foresees style and ergonomics being one of the primary -sales success- drivers in the Pocket PC/PDA realm. The n10 has everything a handheld novice would look for, including budget friendliness! I’m confident this unit will allow Acer to make a big push towards expanding overall handheld usage,” Ricky Tan, General Manager, Acer Sales & Services Sdn Bhd

INTEL QUOTE: “Following the overwhelming success of the Intel PXA 250 processor in handhelds, the next generation Intel PXA255 processor offers enhanced performance and power management capabilities. We are excited to see the Acer n10 Handheld leverage this latest technology, ” Hans Geyer, Intel vice president and general manager of the PCA Components Group.

Acer n10 Handheld Specifications

– Microsoft® Windows® Powered Pocket PC 2002
– Intel® PXA255 Applications Processor with Intel® XScale™ technology up to 300MHz
– 64MB of SDRAM for user applications & storage
– 32MB of flash memory for OS & embedded applications
– 3.5″ Transflective TFT LCD 16-bit (65,536 colours) with 240 x 320 resolution
– SD/MMC expansion slot
– CF Type I / Type II Expansion Slot
– 1500 mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
– 1-year local and international travelers warranty