Philips Xenium [email protected] with 1 Month Standby

Philips Xenium [email protected] with 1 Month Standby


The new Xenium [email protected] mobile phone is a gateway to the growing world of Internet via the mobile phone. Access is gained via voice command, a dedicated short cut “@” key or the carousel menu’s unique pilot key. A number of additional features enhance its web surfing performance, including dedicated WAP icons, the possibility to disable the display header to show five full lines of text, and to deactivate image download to speed up web surfing. It uses’s 4.1 browser software – the first truly interoperable version of the protocol.

Philips places great importance on voice capabilities, and its application in the Xenium [email protected] makes operation more convenient. It allows voice access to key features on the phone’s menu, and calls can be made to any number in the memory by speaking the person’s name. This is safe, fast and efficient – particularly when driving. There is also a built-in voice memo function, and voice-active headsets and car kits are available as optional accessories.

The Xenium [email protected] continues the successes of its predecessor, the Xenium 989,launched at this year’s CeBIT exhibition in Germany, and widely acclaimed for its innovative ‘carousel-based’ user interface. This phone won two prestigious 2000 iF (industrie Forum) Design Hannover awards – one for the novel user interface and another for its overall design. Xenium combines style, technology and ergonomics in a communication tool that mirrors a feeling for design and sophistication.

The carousel makes operation easier than that of conventional mobile phones – increasingly important as phones get more compact and feature-rich. This patented technique simultaneously displays up to five icons that graphically represent the phone’s functions or features. A user simply navigates by just touching the Pilot Key for instant access to menus for the various functions. The carousel display ensures users always know exactly where they are in the menus. The self-explanatory symbols are language-independent and internationally recognizable.

Unique style and finishing differentiate the Xenium [email protected] The Xenium [email protected] is available in a choice of metal-plated chrome- and graphite velars finishes and colours all reflecting the phone’s status as a valued and expressive personal device. Its blue electro-luminescent backlit display complements the attractive colours and finishes.

Weighing only 95 grams, it provides as much as 600 hours standby time – about three-and-a-half weeks. Talk time is between 3.5 and 7 hours, depending on conditions of use. The exceptionally small size (109 x 41 x 22 mm) and lightweight make this phone literally ‘wearable’.

With the T9TM Text Input software, text is entered quickly and conveniently. T9TM Text Input software requires just one key press per letter and it quickly recognizes the most commonly used word of the numeric sequence. To make SMS messages more expressive, Xenium [email protected] comes with exclusive ‘Emotion Icons’ that you can send with text messages just like e-mail attachments. Owners of compatible Philips phones can receive and view these icons.

Other useful features include a vibrating alarm, a built-in Euro currency converter, a calculator, an on-board game, selectable ring tones and a melody editor to create personalized ringer tune. A 20-second Voice Memo function allows convenience storage of spoken notes and reminders. Xenium personal organizer memorizes up to 40 meetings and displays them on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and call time and cost meters display the duration or cost of calls. Time and date displays are constantly active, even when the phone is in idle mode. A modem is built in to the handset for e-mailing, transmitting SMS messages and faxing via a laptop PC.

Xenium [email protected] supports Half Rate (HR) coding for better coverage during network saturation and Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) coding (where supported by networks) for significantly improved sound quality. If required, the WAP lock keeps subscribers within specific web sites chosen by service providers or network operators. It is CPHS compliant and compatible with E GSM 900/1800 dual-band technology.