Alcatel and Oberthur present their Guardian Angel

Alcatel and Oberthur present their Guardian Angel


Alcatel, and Oberthur Card Systems, has demonstrated their “Guardian Angel” solution at the 3GSM Congress in Cannes.

The new service allows parents to keep track of their children on their way home from school.

To initiate the service, the parents follow the child on the chosen route to go home, using the SIMphonIc Pico SIM-based application on the child’s mobile phone to define a few checkpoints. At the end of this initialisation phase, Alcatel’s location server defines the chosen area in which the child should walk. The child can then be tracked according to these checkpoints through his mobile phone whenever he walks home from school.

On regular intervals (for instance every 10 minutes), the tracking system “Guardian Angel” sends a localisation request to the Pico application on the child’s mobile phone. The Pico application then sends a reply to the tracking server which is crosschecked with Alcatel’s location server and control server. The route followed by the child is compared with the predefined one. If it is unusual, the “Guardian Angel” server sends an SMS to the parents’ mobile phones. Mom or dad can then automatically call their children to check if everything is okay.

An alert message is also sent to the parents if the child does not reach home within the predefined time frame.

The solution combines the best of both Oberthur Card Systems and Alcatel technologies. It consists of Oberthur’s SIM Card with the Pico applet, connected to the Pico server, integrated with Alcatel’s location server and control server, and the “Guardian Angel” tracking system.

Jean-Michel Cornille, President of Alcatel’s Mobile Solutions activities, commented: “We strongly believe there is a huge expectation from the mobile market for location-based services. The “Guardian Angel” solution is the proof that such technologies are mature. The solution offers mobile operators an end-to-end high value service based on Alcatel’s and Oberthur’s joint expertise.”

“Alcatel’s expertise in location and control servers combined with our innovative SIM card allowed our two companies to develop this new “Guardian Angel” solution addressing school age children and their parents and offering them greater security”, stated Olivier Leroux, Head Mobile Marketing & Solutions at Oberthur Card Systems.