Xybernaut Releases Atigo M Tablet PC

Xybernaut Releases Atigo M Tablet PC


Xybernaut Corporation has introduced a new addition to the Atigo platform of products — a line of wearable computers designed for dual use as a wireless flat panel display (FPD) or a stand-alone wireless-enabled mobile/wearable computer.

With the introduction of the Atigo M, the Atigo product family currently contains three products named Atigo, Atigo L and Atigo M. All three Atigo products support dual-use functions and are configured with built-in IEEE 802.11b WLAN wireless networking support through standard PC Card and or Compact Flash slots. All Atigo products also incorporate Xybernaut all-light readable display technologies that make Atigo one of the most versatile mobile-wireless product families for field force automation and related applications such as wireless/mobile sales support or customer relationship management.

Atigo M adds increased processor power with an Intel® Xscale 400 MHz CPU as well as greater SDRAM (128MB standard).

Atigo products are built-to-order and can be readily customized to meet client needs. This customization can include design elements, such as use of corporate logos and colors, or configuration aspects, such as computing features and application support. For example, a large rail transportation company recently began deploying Xybernaut Atigo computers to their railroad engineers. These engineers are using the devices for work order tracking and knowledge management to increase productivity, quality and efficiency while performing tasks in the field.

Atigo products have internal rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries with a run-time of approximately 3.0 hours under continuous use. Additionally, the Atigo L and M have optional hot-swappable external batteries that more than double run-time. All Atigo products have 8.4-inch touch-screen enabled TFT displays with 800 x 600 SVGA resolution that are readable under all light conditions.

Though all Atigo products have multimedia features including a built-in 16-bit sound microphone/speaker and a stereo headphone jack; the Atigo M adds enhanced support for multimedia, specifically high quality video.

A wide variety of accessory options are available for all Atigo products including desktop charging cradle, AC charger, car charger, external batteries and wireless keyboard/mouse options; and a variety of soft-goods for wearability and ergonomics.

“Atigo M adds more power, more memory and enhanced support for rich media making the Atigo product an extremely attractive option for mobile computing in business or personal-use settings,” said Edward G. Newman, chairman, president and CEO of Xybernaut. “Atigo products are receiving interest from business managers in numerous industry segments where mobile employees can benefit from immediate access to critical information. These sectors include retail, hospitality, manufacturing, utilities, transportation, medical/healthcare, law enforcement, emergency preparedness, banking/finance and many others.”

Atigo utilizes industry standard Microsoft® operating systems — Windows® CE .NET for the L and M and CE 3.0 for Atigo. All Atigo products support wireless or hard-wire communications through built in CompactFlash (CF-IO) and PC card slots. Other standard features include multiple USB ports and RF transmitters that enable easier ActiveSync to other computers.

The customer configures Atigo products with software and applications as chosen. Sample applications include Pocket WordPad; Pocket Inbox; Pocket Internet Explorer 5.5; Microsoft Transcriber; PDF Viewer; and Microsoft Windows Media Player (providing support for MP3, WAV, AIFF, MIDI, AU formatted files). RDP and ICA clients for Microsoft Terminal and Citrix® MetaFrame™ servers are also easily bundled, which allow the Atigos to be used as mobile thin-client computing devices.

The Atigo M shares the same measurements as the Atigo L — 7.9 x 9.4 inches with a weight of 1.8 pounds including extended battery, which is less than most competitive tablets or laptops.

The Atigo product family is currently available directly from Xybernaut and through Team Xybernaut™ — the Company’s community of more than 100 value added resellers (VARs) and systems integrators. Pricing for Atigo hardware starts at $1,795 with additional costs depending on the configuration and accessory options chosen by the customer. Specific pricing details and price quotes can be obtained directly from Xybernaut by calling toll-free 1-888-992-3777.