New Mobile Phone Tracker Pinpoints UK Cellular Locations

New Mobile Phone Tracker Pinpoints UK Cellular Locations


Overview Mapping has launched an automatic location service using mobile phone signals from any of the UK’s network operators.

A registered mobile’s location can be pinpointed through the new Verilocationä service via a simple Website displaying street-level maps.

Verilocationä combines up to 100-metre accurate cell location with Overview’s own up-to-date UK digital street mapping. The system is based on cell information provided by the four UK mobile networks, T-Mobile, Orange, O2 and Vodafone. Designed as a pay-as-you-go web application that requires no special equipment and only an initial registration fee, any company can take immediate advantage of the new service.

Verilocationä is primarily aimed at companies with staff travelling out and about and with most people now owning a GSM mobile phone this is a service that anyone can use. In addition Verilocationä provides a simpler, more portable, and lower cost alternative to GPS satellite location systems where accuracy to the nearest metre is not required.

Companies in time and service critical industries will have considered fitting GPS location and telemetry to their vehicles. However, sub 2 metre GPS location accuracy may be overkill for most. GSM cell location offers a much more cost-effective option that can link the mobile phone user to the underlying road network providing an accurate visual location using the on screen map.

Verilocationä is also expected to be of interest to domestic users; anyone who needs to locate someone such as an elderly relative travelling away from home or children out and about on their own.

Typically a web user will enter the number of the mobile phone they wish to locate, the Verilocationä server then processes the data call. This takes cell location data from the relevant mobile network and combines it with Overview’s own street mapping data prior to onward delivery to the customer. Data Protection regulations, require prior authorisation from the phone owner.

The service will appeal to both small and larger enterprises looking for a low cost location solution including courier companies, service management organisations in fact any organisation that needs to make the most of its mobile workforce. The basic service plots the position of the mobile phone targeted with more advanced applications utilising resource allocation tools, routing and multiple plot points over historical periods. Verilocationä requires no additional hardware and can be integrated with back end customer service management or CRM systems, or simply viewed via a web browser on a company’s intranet.