Kyocera Unveils the Kurv

Kyocera Unveils the Kurv


Kyocera Wireless was showing off its Kyocera Kurv — a new phone that includes Smart Skins (from Wildseed). The Smart Skins are “intelligent faceplates” that help change the personality of your cell phone. Each skin includes different graphics, ring tones, applications, screen savers, etc., that reflect the type of skin it is. For example, a musician can create a smart skin with ring tones that match their latest songs, along with ticket information for their next concert.

The Kurv also includes an integrated camera, with images able to be stored on the camera or sent via Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). The phone has a 65,000-color screen, a built-in FM radio, and an MP3 audio player. The phone runs on the CDMA 1xRTT netrork, and also includes a Web browser, text messaging and chat features.

At last night’s Mobile Focus press event, officials from Kyocera Wireless and Wildseed were showing off the phone, which featured a smart skin of the band Klone, which also features the “twins” from the Coors Light commercials. No sign of the actual twins, however. Maybe they were on Bourbon Street.”