frog design and Motorola Launch Prototypes of Next Generation Wearable Wireless Solutions

frog design and Motorola Launch Prototypes of Next Generation Wearable Wireless Solutions


frog design inc., the legendary international digital and product design firm, has teamed with Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT), a global leader in providing integrated communications and embedded electronics solutions, to create a family of fashionable wearable devices representing the next generation of personal computing and wireless communications.

Combining the results of pervasive-computing research at MIT Media Lab with Motorola’s iDEN® technology has enabled frog to design an array of compatible modular wirelessly connected devices that may provide unprecedented interaction with the users. The futuristic devices include: glasses, ear buds, digital cameras, pens, and wrist bands.

The family of futuristic products utilizes the latest advances in miniaturization and wireless connectivity technology to enable entertainment, business, and security-related communications and broadband applications. The devices each have an independent power source and memory, and are individually designed to be worn as fashionable accessories. The futuristic family of modular devices is wirelessly connected, allowing each device to share information with other devices and the user, operating as a seamless personal network.

“The wearable wireless fashions designed by frog and iDEN are bundled in a lifestyle series that will empower the user and eventually encourage seamless movement of information,” said Peter Aloumanis, vice president & general manager of US Markets Division iDEN Subscriber Group at Motorola. “The idea is to provide a maximum level of connectivity and security without interfering with an individual’s lifestyle. We want to create a series of accessories that are stylish, intuitive, and attractive in their form and function.”

“In high tech innovation, cool functional capabilities are often implemented without much regard for design and human interface—often at the expense of the actual user experience,” said Hartmut Esslinger, founder and co-CEO of frog design. “This project with iDEN will use innovative design as a catalyst to create a lifestyle series where style meets function, setting the standard for future wireless communication.”

Having completed a series of designs demonstrating a vision of the future of wearable wireless communication technology, Motorola iDEN and frog design are now ready to begin the next step in the process: actual user testing.