Sharp Expands Actius Notebook Line With Innovative New Models

Sharp Expands Actius Notebook Line With Innovative New Models


Sharp Systems of America today announced that they are adding two new notebooks to their Award-winning Actius notebook line. Loaded with features currently not available in rival models, the Actius expansion underlines Sharp’s dedication to delivering innovative mobile computing solutions for professionals on the go.

The new notebooks, the Actius MM10 and the Actius RD10, feature innovations that break new ground in the market making significant advancements in mobility and multimedia performance (respectively). As a global leader in LCD and miniaturization technologies, Sharp has again leveraged its core competencies to engineer one-of-a-kind notebooks.

“Since its foundation in 1912, Sharp has been dedicated to the idea of innovation as outlined by Sharp’s corporate philosophy, ‘to make products other companies want to imitate,’” said Greg Nakagawa, senior vice president and general manager for Sharp Systems of America. “This expansion to the Actius line of notebook computers serves to demonstrate this principle. Sharp’s Actius line of notebook computers will continue to be the most innovative and advanced notebooks on the market with unique capabilities that are sure to be imitated.”

The Actius MM10 – Seamless Mobility

Weighing in at only 2.1 lbs and just 0.54 inches thick , the quiet, fan-less Sharp Actius MM10 notebook computer is the thinnest and lightest full-featured notebook computer on the market. Equipped for wireless connectivity via integrated Wi-Fi, the Actius MM10 notebook will provide users never-before-seen functionality through the Sharp Connection Cradle, enabling a multi-PC usage model in which users are able to maintain data consistency with other computers.

In order to provide the ultra-slim Actius MM10 with the mobility-enhancing ability to maintain data consistency between itself and multiple computers, Sharp has partnered with Iomega Corporation to develop SharpSync™. Powered by Iomega® Sync software, SharpSync allows Actius MM10 users to seamlessly maintain data consistency between separate computers. The SharpSync software allows users to select folders or files on their separate machines that they would like to keep in sync with the Actius MM10. Using the included Actius MM10 Connection Cradle, as you change and save files the Iomega-powered SharpSync utility automatically synchronizes the selected folders between the user’s main computer and the Actius MM10 ultraportable notebook ensuring you always have the latest copy of your important files on your ultra-portable notebook.

Product Marketing Manager at Sharp Systems of America, Terry Hanly explains, “the Actius MM10 notebook not only provides users with superior hardware mobility, but also true seamless data mobility. Wireless connectivity is enabled through the integrated WiFi IEEE 802.11b antenna, and data consistency is assured through the use of the Iomega-powered SharpSync software utility. Actius MM10 users are able to free themselves of the data consistency hassles that are inherent in highly mobile, multi-computer usage models, while staying connected through the Actius MM10’s integrated WiFi support .”

Reaping the rewards of Sharp’s original high-density technology and the flexibility that Transmeta’s 1 GHz Crusoe™ TM5800 processor offers, the Actius MM10 has been designed as the thinnest and lightest full-featured 10.4-inch notebook on the market. And because the Transmeta Crusoe™ Processor 5800 hardware architecture requires fewer transistors to achieve performance-level computing, the Sharp is able to maximize battery power in the Actius MM10 computer (up to 2.9 hours with the standard battery, and up to 9.0 hours using the extended life battery).

“The exceptional performance coupled with the benefits of ultra-mobile design and low-power usage make the Transmeta Crusoe™ Processor an ideal choice for the Actius MM10,” said Hanly.

The ultraportable Actius MM10 integrates built-in IEEE 802.11b wireless technology alongside 100Base-TX LAN Ethernet connectivity, 256 MB DDR memory, a 15 GB hard drive, two USB 2.0 ports and Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition. The unit also includes the Sharp Connection Cradle (complete with battery-recharging functionality), PCMCIA modem card, and free external CD-R/RW & DVD-ROM through a rebate offer.

The Sharp Actius MM10 is competitively priced with an estimated street price of $1,499.

The Actius RD10 – Unrivaled Multimedia Performance

Designed for high performance, the Sharp Actius RD10 muscles its way into the market boasting true desktop performance. Based on the Intel® Pentium® 4 2.8 GHz processor and driven by Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition operating system, the Actius RD10 is perfect for professional imaging, as well as memory intensive video and gaming applications. Complete with a 60GB hard drive, the Actius RD10 combines the performance and capabilities of a desktop computer with the flexibility of a notebook.

Leveraging Sharp’s leadership in the LCD arena, the Actius RD10 boasts an extremely bright LCD display that is much brighter than standard notebook displays and provides viewing angles comparable to those of an LCD desktop monitor – 160 degrees horizontally and 135 degrees vertically. The 15-inch XGA (1024 x 768) LCD screen provides bright, clear pictures in which even small letters are clearly legible. Featuring a bright button, the Actius RD10 LCD screen can quickly be switched to its highest brightness for movie/picture viewing, or to a lower brightness for typical office application usage. The Actius RD10 provides users with unparalleled video performance.

Maximizing the advantage of having the most advanced notebook LCD screen on the market, Sharp has partnered with NVIDIA® to include the GeForce 4 420 Go graphic processing unit with 32 MB of dedicated graphics memory. The GeForce 4 420 Go delivers a host of video enhancements that include power management (via the NVIDIA PowerMizer™ technology) and high-resolution anti-aliasing to deliver amazing detail and performance for all applications.

“The Sharp Actius RD10 is the ultimate notebook for users who place a premium on the visual experience” said Hanly. “The marriage of Sharp’s tradition of superior LCD technology with the integrated video processing engine and 3D graphics engine that the GeForce™4 420 Go delivers make the Actius RD10 a real stand-out among desktop replacement notebook computers.”

To underline the Actius RD10’s superior capability for video, the notebook computer also includes sharp-fx™, Sharp’s exclusive DVD optimization software. This included module for InterVideo’s WinDVD® player automatically adjusts image contrast for optimum clarity. Combined with the Actius RD10’s high-quality 15-inch LCD screen, this image enhancing software brings out the best DVD picture quality available in the notebook industry.

In addition to its strong video performance, the Actius RD10 provides users with complete connectivity including integrated IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN support, Memory Stick™, SD memory card, SmartMediaTM, and CompactFlash™ card slots. The Actius RD10 also includes an IEEE1394 port and four USB 2.0 compliant ports.

The Actius RD10’s CD-R/RW & DVD-ROM drive with buffer underrun protection is compatible with CD-R, CD-RW and DVD-ROM media, allowing users to back up important data on CD as well as watch DVD movies at the users convenience. Fully equipped with premium quality speakers under the LCD display, the Actius RD10 also supports 5.1 channel surround sound for users using external 2 channel speakers with Dolby Virtual Speaker (DVS) built-in.

The Actius RD10 will offer three of the hottest gaming titles available from Electronic Arts, Inc. Offered with the notebook will be Tiger Woods PGA Tour® 2003, James Bond 007: Nightfire, and Need For Speed™ Hot Pursuit 2. These titles leverage the awesome graphics horsepower of the GeForce4 GO processor in the Actius RD10 – it’s “The way it’s meant to be played.”

The Actius RD10 is competitively priced with an estimated selling price of $2,199.


Sharp Actius notebook computers are available immediately through Sharp directly (, or through Sharp’s network of retail partners and reseller channels. For more information, call 800-BE-SHARP.