Nokia 3300 Music Phone

Nokia 3300 Music Phone


Nokia today unveiled the Nokia 3300 music phone for digital entertainment. Designed specifically for enjoying music, the Nokia 3300 music phone incorporates a portable digital music player (MP3/AAC), a stereo FM radio, a digital recorder, advanced ring tones for an authentic music-like experience and enhanced messaging* and games features in a single high quality, fun package. The Nokia 3300 is expected to start shipping in 2nd quarter 2003 in Europe and Africa and Asia Pacific, working on GSM 900/1800 bands.

“Today’s consumers place great value on the entertainment features of their phones. Nokia is meeting these expectations with a total music offering, and the Nokia 3300 connects our consumers with music and much more. It has been designed to let consumers enjoy their music when they want,” said Ilkka Raiskinen, Senior Vice President, Entertainment and Media Business Unit, Nokia Mobile Phones. “With real music-like True Tones in the Nokia 3300, we are pleased to introduce a new breakthrough in the evolution of ring tones, completing the high-quality music offering of this phone.”

Music and communication are at the heart of the Nokia 3300. The new device features a portable MP3/AAC digital music player with integrated loudspeaker as well as a stereo FM radio and a digital recorder. The new music key puts the music services just one click away, making access to the music player and FM stereo radio easy and fast. Users can also easily transfer music files from a compatible PC to the Nokia 3300 with the new Nokia Audio Manager PC software. To experience the sound quality, the user can enjoy preloaded music samples as well as preloaded ring tones, both polyphonic and new True Tones.

The Nokia 3300 is the first mobile phone for the GSM markets supporting True Tones, which provide ring tones with real music, allowing users to have songs, nature sounds, special effects and engine sounds as ring tones to alert them of an incoming call. The True Tones will be part of Nokia’s wide range of mobile services for music when the Nokia 3300 phone is commercially available. They are based on Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband (AMR-WB) technology that has been selected by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) as the Wideband codec for GSM and 3rd generation wireless WCDMA applications.

While the Nokia 3300 phone is designed with music in mind, it also enables consumers to play games, send multimedia messages to compatible devices and connect to the mobile services in the same device. The game controls and other action keys of the device are designed for two-hand use, and with the 128 x 128 pixel color display, they offer ease of play. There are also preloaded JavaTM games in the Nokia 3300 music phone for immediate enjoyment. While playing the games, the user can conveniently listen to the music player or the stereo FM radio through the stereo headset.

Nokia provided services and content include ring tones, a wide range of color graphics, featuring music artists, cartoons and movies, and downloadable games. The Nokia 3300 users can download more True Tones and also polyphonic tones, wallpapers, operator logos and games to their phones from Nokia services and content offering from their local Nokia website. A link to Nokia Tones, Graphics and Games is also available in the Nokia 3300 phone.

The Nokia 3300 music phone is equipped with a Pop-Port(TM) connector enabling the use of a USB cable for easy transfer of music files, and has a 64 MB MMC memory card as standard in the sales package. For an additional measure of fun and personalization, the Nokia 3300 comes with a selection of optional Xpress-on(TM) color covers. The Nokia 3300 has a volume of 115 cc and weighs 125 grams. Users can listen to the digital music player for up to 11 hours and the FM stereo radio up to 9 hours. The Nokia 3300 has a talk time of up to 3 hours and a standby time of up to 270 hours.