Fujitsu Introduces New 2.5″ Mobile Hard Disk Drives With Up To 80GB...

Fujitsu Introduces New 2.5″ Mobile Hard Disk Drives With Up To 80GB in Storage


Fujitsu Limited today announced the global introduction of its new MHT series of 2.5″ mobile hard disk drives, with capacities ranging up to 80GB. The sales launch of this series starts today.

Fujitsu’s new MHT series boasts the industry’s highest level of areal density at 10.7Gbit/cm² (69.3Gbit/in²) and a maximum storage capacity of 80GB (40GB per platter). The series is available in a wide range of capacities — 20, 30, 40, 60, and 80GB — to suit a variety of needs, ranging from mobile computing devices and in-car systems to digital home electronics applications.

The MHT series employs new GDT (Glass Direct Texture) Media* enabling nearly a 30% increase in areal density of up to 10.7Gbit/cm² (69.3Gbit/in²) and up to 40GB per platter while improving media resolution and noise reduction resulting in improved data integrity.

*GDT Media:
A new type of media incorporating a new glass disk texturing process which dramatically increases the electro- magnetic conversion properties in achieving greater areal density.

Sales Target
10 million units


Capacity:20 / 30 / 40 / 60 / 80GB
Number of platters:1 / 2
Number of heads:2 / 3 / 4
Spindle speed:4200 rpm
Media transfer rate (max):41.1MB/s
Data transfer rate:100MB/s
Maximum areal density:10.7Gbit/cm² (69.3Gbit/in²)
Operating shock:225G (2ms)
Non-operating shock:900G (1ms)
Buffer size:2MB
Acoustic noise (idle):2.3 Bels
Voltage requirements:+5V ±5%
Power consumption
– read/write (typ):2.0W (read) / 2.1W (write)
– standby (typ):0.25W
– idle (typ): 0.65W
Average seek time:12ms
Weight:99g or lower