Metallic Colours, Synthesized sounds and Flashing lights – Siemens M55

Metallic Colours, Synthesized sounds and Flashing lights – Siemens M55


Siemens Information and Communication Mobile (Siemens mobile) has launched the striking M55 at CeBIT 2003 – a mobile phone with a distinctive design and a powerful combination of features for serious self-expression. The tri-band phone, with a high-resolution color display, synthesizer application and dynamic light effect, comes in six metallic designs and with MMS, GPRS, polyphonic melodies, voice control, Java technology and an e-mail client, Siemens M55 is a multi-talented all-rounder.

The M55 incorporates the new “Cubasis mobile” synthesizer application from Steinberg, allowing personal tracks to be composed and mixed on the move. The personal sound file can then be used as a ringtone melody, inserted in a multimedia message, or sent to friends, who in turn can remix them with their own M55s and pass them on to others. Dynamic light effects on the side of the phone can also be programmed to add a special touch to incoming calls and highlight every call even after dark.

Six new, striking metallic colors, with names such as Ion, Palladium and Thallium, incorporated into a modern design, with a distinctive X-shape on both the keypad and back of the phone, sets the M55 apart from the crowd.

With the optional digital QuickPic Camera and integrated flash moments can be captured and shared with friends in an instant – even if it’s dark outside. Simply plug in the camera whenever it’s needed, be creative and share the results with friends by MMS, or allocate to the phonebook as “calling images”.

Pre-installed games include Cliff Diving, Skateboarding and Mountain Biking keep the adrenaline pumping even when life slows down and with an inexhaustible number of alternatives to be downloaded via GPRS, players can never be bored. At 83 grams, the neat M55 (101 x 46 x 21 millimeters) can slide into any outfit.

Data can be synchronized easily using the Siemens Data Suite, or on the move using SyncML support. Addresses and appointments, soundfiles, digital photos, SMS, and MMS are stored in the M55’s flexible memory. With its 250 hours of standby time and 300 minutes of talk time, the M55 has staying power.

Besides the attachable QuickPic Camera the M55 is available with a wide range of additional Siemens Original Accessories including convenient car solutions with a choice of handsfree Car Kits, the portable Headset PTT, stylish carrying cases, a choice of different chargers and data solutions.

Siemens M55 will be available across EMEA and APAC from June, in the metallic shades of Iridium and Palladium.