Linksys Introduces Wireless Player for Remote Control and Sharing of Presentations on...

Linksys Introduces Wireless Player for Remote Control and Sharing of Presentations on VGA-Compatible Devices


Linksys, a leading global provider of broadband, wireless and networking products for homes and businesses, today announced the Instant Wireless Presentation Player™ (WPG12) that enables users with wireless laptop or desktop PCs to remotely control and share presentations on multimedia projectors, monitors, LCD panels or other VGA-compatible devices.

The Wireless Presentation Player can be connected to any VGA device for remote projection of Microsoft PowerPoint slides, video, spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents and any other PC-based applications and graphics from a wireless laptop or PC. The player allows multiple users to present or edit documents by enabling transmission from multiple wireless laptops or PCs to a single projector without the need to connect and re-connect cables.

As part of Linksys’s commitment to providing innovative networking products for a variety of business applications, the Wireless Presentation Player features:

– Support for displays with up to 1024×768 resolution and 24-bit color
– Built-in 802.11b wireless Access Point for Internet access anytime before, during or after presentations
– Linksys Setup Wizard and Utility CD for easy configuration
– 32MB flash memory for downloading presentations directly onto player for improved real-time performance or mobile use
– Two removable wireless antennas for antenna upgrades for large auditoriums
– Infra-red remote control with built-in laser pointer
– Enhanced security with up to 128-bit WEP encryption
– Support for up to 30 wireless users

“From conference rooms to auditoriums, the Wireless Presentation Player is a simple, cost-effective way for any presenter to remotely control and share presentations in meetings, educational settings or large events,” said Mike Wagner, Director of Marketing for Linksys. “We believe the player’s convenience and portability will be prized by meeting planners and conference and event organizers, while also providing a solution for resellers with clients wishing to enhance their networks and conference rooms with wireless applications.”

Linksys has taken ease of use one step further with the Presentation Player by creating a unique software wizard which aids in setting up the device as well as providing users the utility for accessing the player. Wireless Presentation Player users are each assigned unique key codes for access and control of the device, allowing each user to control the presentation display by simply typing in the key codes with the permission of the designated presentation leader.

“The ability to take turns displaying slides and other data can serve an invaluable role in Q&A sessions, brainstorming, scheduling, strategy meetings and negotiations,” Wagner said. “Educational forums in classrooms or auditoriums can also benefit from the group interaction that the Wireless Presentation Player offers.”

For enhanced performance, PowerPoint presentations with animation, spreadsheets and other documents can be downloaded to the 32Mb Flash memory of the Player. This feature eliminates choppy or poor animation quality caused by slow bandwidth. Each user also won’t need to connect and disconnect from the projector when they are finished presenting. The access point feature allows presenters and the audience to access the Internet as well as other files on the network if the Presentation Player is set up to communicate with a wireless Local Area Network and Internet connection.

The Instant Wireless Presentation Player (WPG12) is available through e-commerce, direct response, distribution and reseller channels for $329 and is backed by a one-year limited warranty with free technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Resellers can find additional information regarding this product and the Linksys VARConnections program at