Sony Ericsson Unveils the T610 Mobile Phone Camera

Sony Ericsson Unveils the T610 Mobile Phone Camera


Today, at thirty events around the world, Sony Ericsson took mobile imaging to the next level by unveiling the T610 – a 65K colour screen mobile phone with inbuilt digital camera. The T610 is the first Sony Ericsson product with QuickShare™; meaning that the products offer the easiest, fastest and smartest way to share images with friends, family or colleagues. The T610 utilises unique textured materials and a sophisticated finish in its design, making it visually powerful and stylish to look at. The T610 will start shipping in Q2 in Europe, Asia and North America.

With the help of the imaging capabilities in the T610, consumers can easily share pictures between the phone, a PC and other consumer devices – either locally over Bluetooth or cable, or across the mobile phone networks with MMS or e-mail. With its large 65,536 colour screen and integrated digital camera, the T610 is a powerful imaging and messaging phone. With QuickShare, the highest priority is on making imaging applications very easy to use for consumers, whilst driving application uptake and data revenues for operators. It only takes a few clicks to take a picture and send it with the T610.

The triple-band GSM/GPRS T610 features a new user interface with 12 animated icons and rich colours, which further adds to the ease-of-use philosophy of QuickShare. Hotlinks in the menus give direct access to services and functions such as downloadable games. The T610 supports the Java and Mophun (C++) platforms for downloadable games, and also offers the possibility of playing games with other people via Bluetooth wireless technology. Excellent graphics, polyphonic sound, force feedback and a joystick further adds to a great mobile gaming experience.

Phone Flash MPF-10

For the first time, also a Phone Flash accessory will be available for the T610 camera phone, enabling pictures to be taken in dimly lit environments. Used together with the T610, the Phone Flash accessory makes it possible to take good pictures even in poorly lit surroundings, such as a nightclub or bar. The MPF-10 is simple to attach, and very easy to use; to take a picture just press the shutter button on the flash. Another advantage of using the flash accessory is that it reduces the problem of red-eye.

“With the T610, we offer a very strong imaging phone which also has a groundbreaking sleek and light weight design which utilizes aluminium and sophisticated color options,” says Philip Vanhoutte, Corporate Vice President Marketing at Sony Ericsson. “We have seen a great uptake of mobile imaging among consumers and with the introduction of the Phone Flash accessory and QuickShare we are now in a position to take this hit mobile phone application to the next level.”

The T610 also features the unique Music DJ melody composer, for creating MIDI songs which can be used as ring signals. This application lets the user select pre-recorded musical loops to compose a song, in much the same way as modern artists create music through more advanced systems. With Music DJ it is easy and fun to create and edit polyphonic ring signals using “blocks” containing ready-mixed drums, bass- lines and melodies. It is a new type of technology and user interface that has never been used in a mobile phone.

The T610 has standby time up to 13 days (315 hours) and talk time up to 14 hours. It measures 102 x 44 x 19 mm and weighs 95 g. For the Chinese market, the T618 will be launched in Q2 and for North America the T616 will feature GSM 850/1800/1900 frequencies.