Omron Develops ‘flat light source’ Technology Aimed at LED Illumination

Omron Develops ‘flat light source’ Technology Aimed at LED Illumination


Omron Corporation (Headquarters: Kyoto; CEO: Yoshio Tateisi) has announced the development of “flat light source” technology aimed to become a new form of LED illumination.

Employment of LED’s in such applications as train car brake lights, signals, and displays began in recent years from the viewpoint of energy consumption and in the not-too-distant future they are expected to displace current lighting sources in the average household. The challenges of this kind of LED illumination are considered to be further improving LED brightness and realizing performance comparable with the price.

Incorporating characteristics of low-profile/large surface area/uniformity not found in lighting sources up until now (light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, present LED’s), Omron has developed “flat light source” technology. Taking full advantage of its small size/long service life, features inherent to the LED, the “flat light source” will be positioned to realize future unrestricted illumination such as “wall-mounted light” and “portable light.”

Using light wave control technology of the currently marketed DR-LED as a base, a precise optics design was implemented for optical beam dispersement to compartmentalize more space, and by doing so increasing the amount of surface area. The light emitting surface area is 30mm x 30mm with a thickness of 6mm, giving it about 50 times more illumination surface area than a typical bullet-type LED of the same thickness. If a bullet-type LED were to be created to match the same amount of illumination surface area, the thickness would have to be between 1/10th and 1/5th greater. Moreover, this technology mixes three colors (blue, green, red) into a single “flat light source,” thus making any color possible, something that has proven to be very difficult for light bulbs and fluorescent light.

The scope of applications for the “flat light source” include those which the LED has already advanced into such as train car brake lights, signals and displays. Combining several “flat light source” units together creates enough illumination for wall-mounted light or portable light and its compact size makes it ideal for narrow locations like walls and columns. Plus, color can be freely adjusted making it a truly full color lighting source.

Hereafter, Omron will accelerate the move toward illumination by the low energy consumption contributing LED, and with this newly developed technology as a base, strive to bring the “flat light source” to commercialization.