Intermec Introduces Wireless Access Point with Embedded RADIUS Authentication Server

Intermec Introduces Wireless Access Point with Embedded RADIUS Authentication Server


Intermec Technologies Corp. today announced that the company’s popular MobileLAN wireless access points now feature an Embedded Authentication Server (EAS), making possible affordable and easily maintained wireless network security. Included with Intermec’s MobileLAN access point software, the EAS is ideal for small to mid-size businesses or remote independent sites.

“Intermec is proud to introduce the world’s first RADIUS authentication server provided within a wireless access point,” said Karen Pearson, Principal Marketing Manager. “This feature will greatly benefit our small- to medium-size business customers, allowing them to lay aside network security worries and focus on the work at hand.”

EAS secures wireless networks via Access Control List by MAC address (ACL/MAC) authentication or by 802.1x authentication with either EAP-TTLS or EAP-TLS authentication. The ACL/MAC authenticated access points store authorization information on up to 128 clients. The number of clients supported by hardware operating with 802.1x authentication is dependent upon the platform.

Other advanced EAS features include a “Learn Mode” that allows IT managers to easily add “rejected” users – users who were denied network access – to the MobileLAN access point’s database of authorized clients. Secure network maintenance is assured with the HTTPS Secure Server, which enables secure access point configuration and certificate imports, as well as easy import and export of database files.

All Intermec MobileLAN access points are shipping with the EAS, and field upgrades to previous MobileLAN access point models are available through Intermec.