Review: Xantrex xPower 300 Plus

Review: Xantrex xPower 300 Plus


Ever left your lights on and killed the battery? Not all cars have a beeping indicator for when you leave the lights on, and we all have suffered because of this. Not me, not anymore. I had the xPower 300 Plus from Xantrex in the trunk. Popped the hood, grabbed the xPower, hooked it up, and boom. Instant start. And I didn’t have to try to find someone in an empty parking lot at 1:00 AM. One boost barely used 25% of the battery. I bet I could boost people all week on one charge. You can even recharge it from inside the car via the cigarette lighter (when the car is running of course).

And the Xantrex xPower 300 Plus has dual fluorescent lights on the side, which is perfect for connecting the jumper cables in the dark.

Maybe your tire has picked up a nail and is leaking slowly. Or in the winter, temperature changes cause tire pressure to fluctuate. No problem. About five minutes and you are from 20 psi to 35 psi and ready to roll.

I am amazed at how easy and safe this is to use. The xPower Powerpack has a special jump-start safety feature that eliminates sparks that sometimes occur when you connect the jumper cables to your battery. Even if you connect the cables backwards (I don’t know why you would) a red light comes on telling you they are connected incorrectly. And if all else fails, it has a 30AMP replaceable fuse in case you blow it.

So we know this can boost your car and get you out of a jam, but how well does it handle everything else it claims to do? Maybe you are on the beach, and you need some beats for the ladies. No problem. The xPower 300 Plus can power a portable stereo for 17 hours, and keep the beers cold in the cooler for up to 4 hours. Or it can power any other 115V AC powered devices, or 12 Volt DC devices.

In the kit you will get the xPower 300 Plus battery pack, AC Charger, jump-start cables, DC Charging Cable, 3 nozzles for the compressor and a plastic bag carrying case.

Suggestions? Xantrex should consider upgrading the accessory bag as the zipper does not easily close and the bag is not very durable for a portable environment.

Still, at $119 the xPower 300 Plus can save you a lot of time and hassle. I recommend this to anyone who has ever needed a boost. I can’t wait until the summer time to test the xPower camping. Lights? Coolers? Beats? … Action!


– Air compressor 250 psi (lbs. per square inch)
– Jump-start cables 39” (1 meter), 8 AWG
– Built-in fluorescent lap Two, 4 watt bulbs (replaceable)
– Operating temperature 32°F – 104°F (O°C – 40°C)
– Storage temperature 32°F – 86°F (O°C – 30°C)
– Inverter low battery alarm 10.7 volts (nominal)
– Inverter low battery shutdown 10.0 volts (nominal)
– Dimensions (HxWxD) 11.8 x 7.2 x 12.5” (30.0 x 18.2 X 31.8 cm)
– Weight 20 lb (9 kg)
– Warranty Six months

115 volt AC section
– AC output power (continuous) 250 watts (max.)
– AC output power (5 minutes) 300 watts
– AC surge power (peak) 500 watts
– AC output voltage 115 volts (nominal)
– AC output frequency 60 Hz +/-4 Hz
– AC output waveform Modified sine wave
– Inverter no-load current 0.18 amps (battery drain with no load on inverter)

12 volt DC section

– Internal battery type Sealed lead acid, AGM
– Internal battery capacity 20 amp-hours, 200 CCA
– Internal battery voltage 12 VDC (nominal)
– DC power socket (circuit breaker) 12 amps (automatic reset)
– Cold cranking amps 200 amps

Charging system

– AC charger bulk charging current 500 mA (maximum)
– Peak charging voltage 14.6 volts (nominal)
– Charge restart voltage 12.9 volts (nominal)
– Float charge current 1 mA (nominal)
– Charger input socket current 2.5 amps (maximum)

Charging time (when battery has completed discharged)
– From AC outlet Max. 40 hours
– From DC outlet Max. 4 hours