Alcatel Introduces Four New Colour Screen Mobile Telephones

Alcatel Introduces Four New Colour Screen Mobile Telephones


At the 3GSM World Congress, Alcatel introduces four mobile telephones featuring colour screens, thus revamping its entire traditional range. The One Touch™ 332, One Touch™ 531, One Touch™ 535 and One Touch™ 735 each provide a response to a market that tends to segment according to the level of services offered by operators. All these mobiles aim to facilitate the current development of new uses by first prioritizing ease of use and compactness.

Colour and ease – The One Touch™ 332 is designed for those who not only want an affordable, mobile phone but one that still comes with all the main functions: SMS, EMS, WAP, polyphonic ringing etc. Compact and light weight (77g), it will be available in three striking, metallic colours. Colour and user-friendliness – The One Touch™ 531 is a user-friendly, GPRS class 8 mobile with a large colour screen. It provides access to a wide range of downloadable games offered by In Fusio and available through most major European mobile telephony operators.

Colour and MMS – The One Touch™ 535, featuring a distinct design, offers users access to all the services via the latest technologies: MMS, GPRS class 10, quality screen, downloadable games etc. It is a mobile phone that strikes a balance between those who need a phone for intensive use whilst being able to fully enjoy all the latest multimedia services. Colour and entertainment – The One Touch™ 735, also featuring MMS and GPRS class 10 technologies, includes a digital camera, three on-board games and a catalogue of downloadable games. This is a condensed version of the technologies necessary to the daily and playful use of all the new multimedia services.

The One Touch™ 531 will be available beginning of March followed by the One Touch™ 535 in July and the One Touch™ 735 and One Touch™ 332 in September. Summing up the new multi product offering Jacques Combet, Chairman of Alcatel’s mobile phone business comments: ‘’Ten years after its birth, the world of GSM enters the multimedia era. Alcatel takes this opportunity to introduce this year a complete range of mobiles enabling a wide public to more easily access the new services that give life a burst of colour’’.