Samsung to Release the SPH-V3000 Camcorder Phone

Samsung to Release the SPH-V3000 Camcorder Phone


Samsung Electronics Co. will market a camcorder phone capable of recording up to 30 minutes of moving images at once, the world’s third-largest maker of mobile phones said yesterday.

With this product model named “SPH-V3000,” which will be provided for KTF’s third-generation multimedia service “Fimm,” users can watch television programs of local TV and cable TV stations and film for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time and store it with a 110,000 pixel-class CMOS digital camera installed in the phone.

The camcorder-phone is a similar one to the “SCH-V300” model launched for SK Telecom’s multimedia service “June,” but has a longer recording time than June’s 20 minutes. It will retail for around 600,000 won ($497.4).

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics signed a deal with Symbian Ltd. Monday to invest 33 billion won ($27.47million) in the Britain-based mobile operating system (OS) developer and licensing company for a 5-percent stake,company officials said.

The purchase will enable Samsung to catch up with technological developments and hone its competitiveness, thus helping it put new products on the market at the right time, they said.

Samsung Electronics, which secured a mobile OS license from Symbian last year, will actively tap the market for smart phones based on Symbian’s OS, they added. ”