LG-K8100 Dual mode handset supports WCDMA and cdma2000 1x

LG-K8100 Dual mode handset supports WCDMA and cdma2000 1x


LG Electronics has introduced a dual band, dual mode cell phone. With the launch of WCDMA / cdma2000 1x services LG is laying the early ground for WCDMA services.

The DBDM phone (Model: LG-K8100) comes with a 2.2-inch and 260,000 color TFT-LCD screen and an embedded 300,000-pixel (VGA grade) camera, working in both WCDMA and cdma2000 1x systems. LG Electronics has already provided DBDM phones to KTICOM for a test run.

There have been concerns that a lack of development of DBDM phone would be in the way of launching WCDMA services. However, it is now fully addressed with DBDM phone developed based on single-mode phone technologies.

What is more significant is that WCDMA service areas can also receive cdma2000 1x services, laying groundwork for early WCDMA service launch.

LG-K8100 is fit for the next generation mobile multi-media service with all the sophisticated features including VOD, multi-media, entertainment and high-speed data transmission. A dual chip solution was used for this model to meet the latest standard of WCDMA phone.

Mr. Seong-tae Kwon, a director (Vice President) of LG Electronics 3G Handsets Lab. said “LG Electronics has already proved its advanced cellular phone technologies worldwide. For example, Ericsson and other WCDMA handset makers selected our single mode WCDMA phone for a system sync test. With the DBDM development, we aim to be a true leader of in the 3G CDMA and WCDMA market at home and abroad.”

LG Electronics also plans to develop a “one chip solution” phone that needs only one chip for DBDM function, while working on stabilizing dual system sync to meet the demand for both test and commercial of WCDMA services in time.