Atmel Releases the 8 Megapixel 35MM CCD Sensor

Atmel Releases the 8 Megapixel 35MM CCD Sensor


Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced today the launch of the AT71200M CCD, 8-Million-pixel full frame area arrays. The large format (35mm film compatible image format), high definition and high dynamic range make the device suitable for any application requiring high image accuracy. This full frame imager is designed for the Graphic Arts marketplace such as digital minilabs, retouch/enhancement stations, high resolution reprography, large format X-ray film scanning and high resolution microscopy applications.

The imager features 2300 (H) x 3500 (V) pixels, each with large 10×10µm pixels. It has 100 % aperture, which provides a large bandwidth of response up to 1100nm wavelength, for the monochrome version. There is a bayer standard RGB color mosaic, specially designed for colorimetric applications, with the three colors balanced for a 4500 degrees-K standard illuminant.

The AT71200M CCD main characteristics include very low dark current (MPP mode) and a high dynamic range of 12 bits at room temperature. With flexible operating moes, the imager is suitable for a wide range of applications. The CCD is split into four independent zones that are driven separately by four phase clocks. Thus the sensor can be used in up to 12 sensor modes. Two serial registers and four independent output amplifiers offer a high-frequency functionality of up to 10 frames/second using 4 outputs at 25MHz. The AT71200M CCD sensor is able to work in 1×1, 2×2, 4×4 binning mode (at full saturation) and in ROI structure.