Partner Communications Deploys Niragongo Lava Smart Proxy to Enhance Its Mobile Data...

Partner Communications Deploys Niragongo Lava Smart Proxy to Enhance Its Mobile Data Services


Niragongo Ltd, a leading provider of smart proxy solutions for wireless operators, has today announced a commercial launch of its Lava Smart Proxy by Partner Communications Company Ltd. (“Partner”), one of the most innovative cellular carriers, operating under the multinational orange™ brand.

Partner has chosen Niragongo as the proxy solution provider for its WAP services to mediate between the services, the devices and the operator infrastructure. The Lava Smart Proxy provides Partner with a central point of control over a wide variety of content types, devices, applications and user segments.

Using the Lava Smart Proxy, Partner is able to automatically implement its brand identity and style-guide through its entire set of services, and to offer a set of instant personalization tools, all facilitating higher levels of usage and enhanced user satisfaction. The Lava Smart Proxy further provides comprehensive reporting capabilities and in-depth analysis of user behavior and service performance.

Partner worked closely with Niragongo through a short implementation process, which required no changes to the existing mobile data architecture and services due to the transparency of the Lava Smart Proxy. Niragongo’s proxy, with its rich device repository and powerful management tools, enables Partner to differentiate and optimize services for dozens of terminal types.

Iris Beck, VP Marketing at Partner, commented: “We are constantly improving our mobile data and WAP offerings in order to provide additional services and functionality to our customer base. Niragongo’s Lava Smart Proxy provides Partner the enabling technology to control existing applications and facilitates the launch of sophisticated mobile data services, which are personalized according to user preferences”.

Shykeh Gordon, CEO of Niragongo said: “Working with an industry leader such as Partner gave us the opportunity to prove our capabilities and to improve Partner’s mobile data services. Gaining market leadership in this complex environment is a challenging task. Using Niragongo’s solution, Partner will be able to better meet customer needs, gain the competitive edge and improve their mobile data services”.