Intel Announces Centrino Mobile Technology

Intel Announces Centrino Mobile Technology


Intel Corporation said today Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology is the new brand name for its upcoming wireless mobile computing technology. The new brand signifies Intel’s best technology for notebook computers, based on a new mobile processor microarchitecture and wireless capability as well as features designed to enable extended battery life, thinner and lighter form factors, and outstanding mobile performance.

The technologies represented by the Intel Centrino brand will include a microprocessor (formerly code-named “Banias”), related chipsets and 802.11 (Wi-Fi) wireless networking capability. These components are designed, optimized and validated by Intel to maximize the wireless mobile computing experience. The Intel Centrino brand marks the first time Intel has branded a combination of technologies under one name.

Intel Centrino mobile technology is planned for introduction in the first half of this year.

“The Intel Centrino brand signifies a new generation of mobile PCs that will change where and how people compute,” said Pam Pollace, Intel vice president and director, Corporate Marketing Group. “Whether at work, at home, at an airport or a café, Centrino mobile technology will bring the freedom and flexibility of being unwired.”

The new Intel Centrino mobile technology brand name will be represented by a new logo carrying the famous Intel Inside® mark. The logo, featuring a striking magenta color and a completely new shape, suggests flight, mobility, and forward movement.