ucp morgen to deliver MMS software for Danger Inc.’s hiptop™ wireless solution

ucp morgen to deliver MMS software for Danger Inc.’s hiptop™ wireless solution


ucp morgen, one of Europe´s leading providers of mobile messaging solutions for MMS and SMS, today announced it has signed a software licensing contract with Danger Inc., Palo Alto. ucp morgen is delivering MMS components of its VAS product “mobile media platform” including the MMS Gateway and MMS Conversion Engine for Danger´s Service Delivery Engine, a backend infrastructure solution for carriers, which will enable users of hiptop devices to send, receive and compose MMS messages.

“Danger is an exciting, creative company and their hiptop device is demonstrating how future communication behavior will evolve with Internet enabled mobile devices. We are very happy to have won this pitch and are in a position to contribute with our know-how and software to the further success of Danger”, says the CEO of ucp, Christian Lutz.

“This contract is also our first big project in the USA, which we expect to be our major growth market this year. ucp morgen has unique expertise with several commercially deployed GSM-carrier MMS-platforms and portals, providing our customers a serious competitive advantage”, Christian Lutz adds.

“ucp morgen is an innovative mobile software company”, said Hank Nothhaft, Chairman and CEO of Danger Inc. “They have a broad range of MMS-solutions available and were very flexible in delivering leading edge technology and high quality services in a very short time frame. MMS will be an important part of our hiptop wireless solution for carriers, and we are pleased to have our agreement in place with ucp morgen to deliver this technology to consumers.”