QuickOffice For the Kyocera 7135

QuickOffice For the Kyocera 7135


Mobility Electronics, Inc. (Nasdaq/NMS: MOBE), a leading provider of innovative portable computing solutions for the mobile computer user, announced its Cutting Edge Software subsidiary’s Quickoffice for Palm OS® handhelds has been selected by Kyocera Wireless Corp. for inclusion with the groundbreaking, third-generation Kyocera 7135 smartphone. Both Quickoffice Pro and the Kyocera 7135 smartphone recently were named by Handheld Computing Magazine as two of the top 40 mobile technologies of 2002. The Kyocera 7135 is the first converged smartphone and personal digital assistant running Palm OS to ship with the ability to view, edit, and create Microsoft® Word- and Excel-compatible files.

Quickoffice includes the Quicksheet spreadsheet and Quickword word processor with bi-directional synchronization to each application’s Microsoft Office counterpart, enabling anytime, anywhere access to critical business files. Quickoffice has long been the top choice among mobile professionals upgrading their Palm Powered™ handhelds’ functionality and is available for purchase both online and in retail stores.

“Whether it’s access to e-mail, calendars and contacts or the ability to import documents from the Microsoft Office suite of applications, the Kyocera 7135 smartphone offers everything a mobile professional needs,” said Dave Whalen, corporate vice president of sales and marketing at Kyocera Wireless Corp. “Quickoffice is an elegant mobile office solution for any user of the Kyocera 7135 smartphone whose demands include access to Word and Excel files, the de facto standards for business documents.”

Quickoffice version 6.2 will be provided to purchasers of the Kyocera 7135 smartphone as part of the phone’s accompanying CD-ROM, and those customers will be given priority access to obtain other hardware and software from the iGo family of mobile solutions. Kyocera customers also can upgrade to Quickoffice Pro, enabling them to deliver high-resolution PowerPoint presentations directly from the Kyocera 7135 smartphone via the iGo Pitch Solo slideshow display adapter (sold separately).

“For mobile professionals looking for an all-in-one solution, the coupling of the Kyocera 7135 smartphone and Quickoffice offers the most wireless computing power in the smallest package available,” said Paul Moreton, Cutting Edge Software’s vice president of operations and sales. “Combining the most feature-rich converged Palm OS handset with Quickoffice provides an unequalled level of functionality.”

To further expand the mobile computing capabilities of the Kyocera 7135 smartphone, users have the option of purchasing additional solutions to address their specific needs:

· Cutting Edge Software’s Mobilefile remote file management solution enables anywhere, anytime access to files, loading and removal of applications, and retrieval of editable documents stored on PCs;

· The iGo Pitch Solo presentation adapter allows mobile users to present dynamic presentations using Palm OS handhelds and Quickpoint presentation software;

· Leading mobile e-mail solutions for the Quickoffice platform, including Snapperfish SnapperMail™ or Corsoft Aileron, enable users to send Excel, Word and PowerPoint attachments to Palm OS handheld users with automatic file conversion, allowing them to open, view and edit files on the device, then e-mail them back to colleagues at the office;

· Bachmann Software’s PrintBoy enables users to wirelessly print Quicksheet, Quickword, or Quickpoint documents, as well as contact information, to-do lists, or other data from built-in Palm OS applications.