Siemens SX56 the First Pocket PC Phone Edition Device from Rogers AT&T...

Siemens SX56 the First Pocket PC Phone Edition Device from Rogers AT&T Wireless Canada


Rogers AT&T Wireless and Microsoft Canada today announced an innovative strategic agreement under which the two companies will work together to provide businesses in Canada with an exciting, new wireless extension to their desktop PC, providing them with complete mobile access to the full suite of Microsoft Office applications.

Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will jointly provide and promote revolutionary wireless offerings to the business market using Microsoft’s Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone 2002 operating systems on the Rogers AT&T Wireless GSM/GPRS network – Canada’s largest, integrated digital voice and data wireless network.

“Microsoft Canada is committed to creating solutions that improve the way people live, work and communicate. Our Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone platforms deliver on that commitment – redefining what people can expect from a wireless device, offering voice, e-mail, wireless web access, MSN(R) Messenger or Short Message Service (SMS) all on a personalized wireless device,” said Frank Clegg, President, Microsoft Canada. “The size and scope of the Rogers AT&T Wireless’ GSM/GPRS network makes Rogers AT&T Wireless a natural partner for Microsoft Canada to offer these revolutionary products in Canada.”

“Canada has among the highest levels of penetration for computer and Internet use in the world. A wireless solution that mirrors the customer’s desktop PC experience is critical to winning in the business market in Canada,” said Nadir Mohamed, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rogers AT&T Wireless. “Rogers AT&T Wireless and Microsoft Canada will provide businesses with a full mobile desktop experience by providing new, fully integrated, wireless devices that are loaded with the Pocket PC Phone Edition and/or Smartphone platforms. In addition, through joint initiatives with Microsoft Canada, Rogers AT&T Wireless will approach businesses across Canada with unique and simple, mobile software solutions.”

Microsoft’s Pocket PC Phone Edition platform, combined with Microsoft’s other server products, provides extraordinary wireless phone functionality, full wireless Internet access and integration with Microsoft Office, helping customers to synchronize their calendar, e-mail, contacts and notes on their Rogers AT&T Wireless device. With Pocket PC Phone Edition, customers can send, receive and view files created in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint(R) and other e-mail attachments on a Rogers AT&T Wireless device. The first Pocket PC Phone Edition device from Rogers AT&T Wireless will be the Siemens SX56 and is expected to be available in the next few weeks.

The Microsoft Windows(R)-based Smartphone enables Rogers AT&T Wireless customers to choose their preferred method of wireless communication – voice, e-mail, MSN Messenger or SMS – and enables them to access information and services at any time. In addition, Smartphone provides for easy and integrated wireless access to the customer’s e-mail account in Microsoft Outlook(R) messaging and collaboration client and for full personalization options such as ring tones, colour schemes and home screens. The Smartphone also provides unique mobile access to the wireless Internet using Microsoft’s Pocket Explorer web-browser.

The Rogers AT&T Wireless GSM/GPRS network reaches more than 93% of the Canadian population and is the largest, integrated, digital wireless voice and data network in Canada.