Proxim Makes Enterprise WLAN Systems Affordable

Proxim Makes Enterprise WLAN Systems Affordable


Proxim Corporation (Nasdaq: PROX), a leading provider of high-performance wireless local area networking (WLAN) and wireless wide area networking (WWAN) products, announces immediate price reductions up to 34% on ORiNOCO AP-2000 and AP-2500 products. These price reductions make Proxim’s ORiNOCO Access Points the most affordable enterprise-class systems available, broadening their appeal to a wider range of businesses and organizations.

Proxim also announces the introduction of its ORiNOCO AP-2000 11g Kit that lets customers easily add speeds of 54Mbps to new and/or existing systems with backwards compatibility to 802.11b. This announcement reflects the company’s commitment to provide the multi-standard functionality demanded by the market.

“As enterprises embrace wireless LAN technology as a core part of their networking strategy, they are increasingly looking for cost-effective solutions that are a safe investment,” said Angela Champness, SVP and GM of Proxim’s LAN Division. “We are not just selling enterprise LAN solutions at unheard-of prices, we are helping companies to virtually evergreen their network build-outs, taking them further than ever. Now they can confidently deploy enterprise-class wireless solutions that have built-in migration to higher speeds, future standards, and new functionalities.“

Aggressive Price Reduction on Enterprise APs

By cutting the price of the ORiNOCO AP-2000 and ORiNOCO AP-2500 up to 34%, Proxim has made enterprise-class functionality more affordable for a broader set of organizations—from large enterprises to hospitals, college campuses, and even small-to-medium businesses. This price reduction simplifies an enterprise’s network purchasing decision, since true enterprise-class wireless functionality is now available at prices that significantly lower total cost of ownership. The AP-2000 is the foundation of Proxim’s industry-leading infrastructure family. The AP-2500 offers additional features such as guest access for enterprises that provide Internet access to campus or building visitors while protecting the integrity of their own internal network.

The AP-2000 is now available at a new list price of $595 (previously $895). The AP-2500 is available at a new list price of $795 (previously $1095).

Industry’s First Enterprise-Class 802.11g Solution

Proxim’s ORiNOCO AP-2000 11g Kit enables customers to enjoy the benefits of 54mbps while supporting backwards compatibility to existing 802.11b (11Mbps) clients. The 11g Kit, the first of several 802.11g products and upgrades from Proxim, is 802.11g draft-compliant and will enable customers to add 802.11g support to their dual-slot AP-2000, creating dual mode 802.11g/802.11a or 802.11g/802.11b networks. This also makes the ORiNOCO AP-2000 the first tri-modal enterprise-class access point that can support all three 802.11 standards simultaneously.

By combining 802.11g and 802.11a functionality, the ORiNOCO AP-2000 provides users with 100 Mbps of bandwidth and the greatest number of channels possible for improved density and throughput. This makes the ORiNOCO AP-2000 the industry’s most flexible enterprise platform, with the highest levels of security, migration, and performance available.

“Knowing that Proxim is introducing an 11g solution that is reliable and 100% backwards compatible is important for building out my clients’ wireless networks,” said Dick Sorenson, director of product management for LXE, a leading maker of rugged mobile wireless computer and data collection devices. “Our products are used around the world for mission critical applications, and sometimes in extreme conditions like deserts, ports, or refrigerated warehouses. They have to be supported by wireless networks that are equally tough. That’s a key reason why we have used Proxim’s ORiNOCO products for years. Upgrading to Proxim’s 802.11g infrastructure will be easy and welcome. Our customers are always demanding more bandwidth—and expect it with the same confidence.”

The 11g Kit will be available in Q2 for an MSRP of $149.